Say Something

Whenever I sit down to write this column, I feel like I’m writing a TED talk. It’s hard to figure out what to say, what to call it, because God knows it’s not being called “That’s What She Said,” or “That’s What He Said,” or “As We See it.” Not on my watch. So I try to think of something snappy and eye-catching, and it always ends up sounding cheesy or cliche- at least to me. But what I’m trying to say is that no matter how lost I am, no matter if I know what I want to say or not, I have to say something. And inevitably I get a few compliments on how my column was well-written or something of that nature. Because something is always better than nothing. Instead of sitting in silence and letting your grade drop because you’re waiting to find the perfect thing to say in a class that’s based on participation, say something.
Being afraid gets you nowhere.

Embrace the spirit of research

Before I came to Norwich, one of my previous positions was as vice president of research at Drexel University in Philadelphia. There I oversaw faculty and student research at the doctoral, masters and undergraduate levels. Time and again I got to see not only the accomplishment of research well done, but more importantly, I observed students and professors engaging in the process that is research. [Read more…]

Norwich improves GPAs by housing students by major

For the last two years, Norwich University has been placing rooks by academic major in the dorms to build camaraderie within the major, so that students with similar interests can excel in the classroom. That system appears to be having considerable impact. [Read more…]

Investment club uses real money to get real-world lessons

The Norwich Investment Club is a small club that is supported by Norwich alumni and faculty and invests real money, thanks to a donation that got it started.
It was created two years ago and is a club that is open to students who are interested and it’s looking for new members, said the president and co-founder of the Investment Club of Norwich. [Read more…]

Women’s hoops looks to win GNAC after an impressive finish last year

The past two seasons the Norwich women’s basketball team has fallen short of being conference champions. This year, the women are preparing to come out on top. “We can be more than competitive within and outside of conference,” according to the women’s head coach. [Read more…]

Lacrosse prepares for spring season

Norwich University’s men’s lacrosse team has started practicing in their 2015 fall season. The condensed fall season is an opportunity for the Cadets to prepare and evaluate for their spring season, according to the head coach. “These guys are really responding well, in terms of a team effort, I think there is a positive atmosphere,” said head coach Neal Anderson. [Read more…]

Leafy walk

A mother and her sone and grandmother walk up from Kreitzberg Library during a foliage visit to campus. The fall color was still close to peak this past weekend but a hint of things to come hit on Sunday when brisk snow squalls blanketed the region, leaving a coating of white. Photo by Katherine Gagne

A mother and her son and grandmother walk up from Kreitzberg Library during a foliage visit to campus. The fall color was still close to peak this past weekend but a hint of things to come hit on Sunday when brisk snow squalls blanketed the region, leaving a coating of white.

Fallout continues from UP 500 controversy

After decades of Corps tradition, the infamous, semi-nude race known as the UP 500, will no longer be part of the university’s future.

That is the word from Norwich’s Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Frank Vanecek. [Read more…]

Kreitzberg renovations bring library up-to-date

Renovations on the Kreitzberg Library for students and faculty, beginning last winter and ending late this summer, have added more room and improved technology to the building.

The library needed to “move to a digital format,” said the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Frank Vanecek. “Technology has rapidly outpaced where our library was,” said Vanecek. “We needed to get our library up to speed.”

The library, built a quarter century ago, was renovated over the past year to improve technology, study space, and create the addition of a small café and meeting area.

[Read more…]

Change is hard


I’m Liam Carroll and I’m your Guidon Editor. I’m a junior in the Corps of Cadets and I’ll be up-front: I’m also the president of your Student Government Association. I didn’t mean for this column to fit in so well with the Year of Transformation but it just does. 

A lot of things are transforming this year at Norwich. I hope The Guidon is one of them. This paper is working hard to not be a source of “old news.” I want everything you read to be interesting and useful information. If it’s not, let us know.

Also, I don’t want you to rely only on our biweekly paper for student news. Like us on Facebook and check the Guidon website for updates and photos. My goal is to start getting actual, current news out there, news that interests students.

Keep in mind though, it’s not easy. I get paid to be the managing editor, my staff gets paid to copy-edit and do layout. No one gets paid to write stories. We have a class of reporters in Journalism I but their grade depends on writing a story every two weeks. If you want to write a story about something as it happens, please, do it. Send it to us and I’ll do my best to publish it. My goal is to publish truth. I know that obviously, information travels fast at Norwich, and I want to dispel false rumors before they become problematic.

At Norwich and everywhere else, the only constant is change, and in the words of fomer Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Al Gray, “Trains go down the tracks, you can get on or get off.”

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