Norwich paves way for widespread use of Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) was first introduced to Norwich in 2010, when longtime donor and supporter Joan Andrews Prentice brought information to the president about TM, and since then the program has grown, said the Director of the Center for Student Success. [Read more…]

Video games find backing in Cadet Corps

Video games are viewed positively by the Norwich University Corps of Cadets (NUCC) and are being played by cadets from all classes, despite some restrictions put on freshmen and sophomores. [Read more…]

Students compete in 2nd annual LEGO League event



photo 3

Legos and robotics came together during the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition hosted by the David Crawford School of Engineering at Norwich University, as young minds worked together to create purposeful machines. [Read more…]

Students doubt sexual assault charges about Cosby

Many Norwich students grew up watching Bill Cosby on his TV sitcom titled “The Cosby Show.” Now his legacy has been damaged if not ruined, due to numerous sexual misconduct accusations aimed at Cosby.
“The accusations have taken their toll on Cosby’s reputation as the beloved Dr. Huxtable – the sweet, sweater-wearing father on the sitcom, “The Cosby Show,” said Dana Ford, a reporter for CNN. [Read more…]

NU athletes stayed active, healthy over Thanksgiving break

For many, Thanksgiving Break is a time to enjoy the season, family friends and food. However for several student-athletes at Norwich University, staying in shape and being active and healthy is a key goal over the week-long break. [Read more…]

Ultimate Frisbee club is expanding team, competition

The Norwich Ultimate Frisbee club is taking strides towards becoming more than just a club as they work to join the USA Ultimate (USAU) league this year to compete against other schools, according to the club president. [Read more…]

Colin Powell: A visit to remember



The Todd Lecture Series (TLS) and Norwich University welcomed an honored guest and lecturer on campus Tuesday, Nov. 11, who also observed in the remembrance ceremony held in honor of Veterans Day. [Read more…]

Faculty uniforms: A long-standing tradition

The Vermont State Militia (VSM) uniforms worn by full-time faculty at Norwich University have a long tradition behind them – and sometimes a touch of controversy when students think faculty don’t follow rules or show the uniform enough respect. [Read more…]

Legacy march raises money for veterans



In 2010, Jonathan Schoef and Victoria Amador. two Norwich students, expanded on a hallmark feature of the Norwich education founded by Capt. Alden Partridge. “Alden Partridge used to take students out on long excursions,” explained Brendan Kane, a junior Chinese major from Manchester, N.H. This age-old tradition is now known as the Legacy March. [Read more…]

Pros, cons seen in coaching two different sports at Norwich

Norwich University is home to three coaches who coach multiple sports. Two of those coaches are head coaches, and one is even at the helm of two varsity programs. Holding down two coaching jobs is not an easy thing to do, because of the time-consuming nature of being a full-time collegiate coach. [Read more…]