A new commander for the Corps of Cadets

One of the great pleasures as president of Norwich University is the opportunity to pick the new regimental commander. I often look at the photos posted on the second deck of Jackman Hall and reflect on how each of our past regimental commanders brought unique qualities to the Corps of Cadets. This year I chose my 23rd regimental commander, Cadet Command Sgt. Maj. Regan C. Steen. [Read more…]

The President’s Corner: Much to be thankful for

Next week will be Thanksgiving. During the celebration of this holiday, we have an opportunity to reflect on the gifts that we enjoy on a daily basis.

In addition to our health, family, friends and loved ones, as Americans we should be thankful for our many unparalleled freedoms; freedoms that men and women in the different branches of our armed forces have fought to protect over the years.

We live in a country where we are free to practice any religion we choose. We can voice our opinions on any subject we would like including the government, and we have the right to bear arms. Unlike the residents of many countries in the world, we have an opportunity to vote for our political leaders. In addition, we are free to live or travel anywhere in our nation; to work at any job for which we can qualify; to marry and raise a family; to receive free K-12 education in good public schools; and to join political parties, unions, and other legal groups. If you are fortunate enough to study abroad in one of our international programs you will see firsthand that these are not freedoms to be taken for granted.

Americans also enjoy clean water, access to various types of energy, and ample food sources. Most of us are fortunate enough to have roofs over our heads, and a form of transportation to help us get from one place to another.

We also have access to educational opportunities, information and knowledge. You can be thankful for being a college student. At Norwich you are learning skills and values which will enable you to go out into the world after graduation and make a difference – whether in a military or civilian career.

While reflecting on all that you have and how fortunate you are, take a moment to think about the Norwich guiding value of “service to nation and others before self.” This is a good time to consider taking advantage of volunteer opportunities, either in your hometown or in the Vermont community. Volunteer at a food shelf, in a local school, or at a recycling center. Become a mentor for an elementary school child. Visit the residents at a veteran’s home or a nursing home. Do what you can to help others less fortunate than yourself. It is the Norwich thing to do, and we make it easy to do by working through the Center for Civic Engagement.

I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving break. Get some rest, enjoy your family and friends, and come back to campus ready for the final push of the semester.

The President’s Corner: Veterans’ day thoughts

On Nov. 11, Veterans’ Day, our nation will honor members of the US military, and thank them for serving our great nation. We would not have the privileges we have today if it were not for the many men and women who fight to keep our homeland safe. These special individuals make huge sacrifices every day they are away from their family and friends, and they deserve our recognition and respect. [Read more…]

President’s Corner: Solar Decathlon team exemplifies best of NU

After several years of planning and hard work, Norwich’s Delta T-90 team participated in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition in Irvine, Calif. Our students did a wonderful job representing Norwich University. In addition to placing 12th overall, the Delta T-90 team placed first in the affordability category, and was given a special award in honor of Byron Stafford, longtime operations manager for the international competition, who died in May 2013. [Read more…]

The President’s Corner: Another year, ends; campus changes ahead

It is hard to believe that we are almost finished with the spring semester. This will be the last issue of The Guidon for the year. [Read more…]

The President’s Corner: A homecoming for ‘Sabine Sally’

In a few weeks Sabine Sally will be returned to the Norwich campus. Since December, 2010, the tank has been in New Jersey being refurbished. Once completed it will be ready to stand guard at the newly renovated Sabine Field and serve as an important reminder of our history well into the next century. [Read more…]

Colby Symposium looks at return from war

At Norwich University world class authors, scientists, economists, inventors and military minds come to campus to share their knowledge and ideas. We are concluding a very successful Spring Todd Lecture Series which featured futurists who enlightened us about potential issues facing our economy, the workforce, society and the environment. In April, the 18th annual William E. Colby Military Writers’ Symposium will be held on campus. The theme for this year’s Colby event is, “Coming Home: The Hopes, Fears, and Challenges of Veterans Returning from War.” [Read more…]

A comment to expand student study abroad

I had an opportunity to participate in the first Vermont/New Hampshire Returning SAGE (Students Abroad for Growth and Experience) conference, held on campus February 15 and 16. This event was attended by students from schools all over Vermont and New Hampshire who have studied abroad.

[Read more…]

For NU campus, a remarkable makeover

I would like to use this forum to give you a brief update on the Board of Trustees meeting in Dallas on Jan. 17-20. [Read more…]

More on Old Sarge

It is great to have our students back at Norwich and the campus full of activity again. I hope everyone had a relaxing mid-year vacation and is recharged for the spring semester. This time of year goes by quickly, so study hard and keep current in all of your classes.

The last issue of the Guidon before winter break contained an article which discussed the use of Old Sarge as a Norwich mascot. Old Sarge was never an official mascot for the University. Several years ago Texas A & M requested that we refrain from using the image of Old Sarge, which they had trademarked. A recent inquiry to Texas A & M determined that this was still the case, and we are prohibited from using the likeness of Old Sarge. This prohibition includes use of the image by all camps and organizations associated with Norwich.

In the mid-2000s, a University committee explored the concept of creating an official mascot for Norwich. They were unable to come to an agreement on how the mascot should represent the University. While we are not allowed to use Old Sarge, I think having a mascot that is appropriate to Norwich is a great idea to add fun to sporting events and other campus activities.

I have asked Dave Whaley, Vice President of Development & Alumni Relations, to chair a committee that will reexamine the concept of an official Norwich mascot. This committee will consist of a broad spectrum of the Norwich community comprising representatives from the alumni association, faculty and staff, and students. The alumni association has already identified two representatives; BG Frank Vanecek will appoint the two student representatives.

The goal will be to have the first meeting of the committee in mid-February, review their charge, and to begin work. The group will make a recommendation to me by May 15.

It is important to note that there are parameters I have given to the committee. Our sports teams are the Cadets and the mascot will be some variation of our current athletic logo, which consists of a cadet on a horse with a saber. This will be a challenge, but I am confident that the committee will be able to decide on a mascot which will be unique to Norwich University.