The President’s Corner

Two weekends ago, we executed a very successful Homecoming Weekend, which brought more than 1,000 NU alumni and family members on campus for three days of reunions and celebrations. I hope many of you had the opportunity to speak to our alumni while they were here. They are extremely interested in what you are doing, and enjoy exchanging Norwich stories with you.

The main reason we hold reunions in the fall is so that alumni can experience a vibrant campus full of young people, and interact with them. It reminds them of when they were students, and also gives them a chance to see how Norwich has changed since they were on the Hill—as well as how it hasn’t changed.

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Be a part of history

It is not every day that you are invited to be a part of history. But on April 25 of this year, you will have the opportunity to do precisely that.
For nearly 200 years, Norwich University has adhered to the founding principles laid down by Captain Alden Partridge. From our mission to train citizen soldiers to our commitment to experiential learning, nearly everything we do here at Norwich can be traced back to our founder’s vision. [Read more…]

The President’s Corner

Certainly by now, most of you reading this have heard of the Colby Military Writers’ Symposium, which takes place each spring on the Norwich campus. Named for former Ambassador and CIA Director William E. Colby, the two-day event exposes students, faculty, alumni, and the public to the works and views of prominent authors, historians, journalists, diplomats, and other national figures. The 2015 symposium will take place on Wednesday, April 8 and Thursday, April 9. [Read more…]

President’s Corner

Norwich prides itself in educating the whole person – mind, body, and character. For that reason, Norwich offers students a wealth of opportunities to broaden their education in varied and interesting ways, both inside and outside the classroom. [Read more…]

Climate change is a hot topic

In recent months, the topic of climate change has once again caught the attention of world leaders.

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Some thoughts to mull over winter break

As you prepare to leave Northfield for a well-deserved winter break, I want to take this opportunity to point out a few semester highlights and proud moments in our history. In August we opened the brand new West Hall civilian dorm on Upper Disney, and in September, we launched the five-year countdown to our Bicentennial and kicked off our Year of Service. [Read more…]

November offers reason to give thanks

The month of November is significant in our culture for a couple of reasons—the first of which is Veterans Day.
As you witnessed last week, Veterans Day presents an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of the men and women who defend the freedoms you and I enjoy. [Read more…]

A time of change for all

To the senior class: In a few days you will be receiving your diplomas and closing the chapter on your undergraduate careers. While this is undoubtedly a bittersweet milestone, you are not really leaving Norwich, as once you cross that stage you will have officially joined the proud ranks of Norwich alumni. [Read more…]

President’s Corner

The Class of 1923 is credited with having established what is arguably the most revered tradition at Norwich University today: the Class Ring. More than 90 years ago, Class of 1923 members R. T. Wilson, F. I. Styles and E. F. Marchant had a vision for what the ring would symbolize—a vision that has stood the test of time. They wrote, “This ring will then mean as much to the [the person] wearing it as [their Norwich] diploma, and once the custom is started and lived up to every year, the alumni will appreciate more and more what a ring of this nature stands for. It is hoped that the following classes will follow the steps the Class of 1923 has taken, and make the Norwich ring a true Norwich tradition.” [Read more…]

Seniors & Spring

Even though spring is slow to come to the Green Mountains, I always look forward to this time of year. The sun sets later, everyone feels more energized, and before you know it, Frisbees and Wiffle balls start to appear.

For our graduating seniors, the end of the school year brings excitement. The race to finals begins, and there are so many events to pack in between now and commencement that life can feel like a rollercoaster. But it can also bring trepidation. For those commissioning, beginning new careers, or entering graduate school, these final weeks can seem like the last carefree days of youth, before society brands you as mature, responsible adults.

We at Norwich know you are already mature and responsible. Otherwise, you would not have made it this far. Your professors, coaches, and military mentors are proud to be sending you out into the world as capable leaders, worthy of wearing the Norwich ring.

But it is not over yet. In the coming weeks, there will be papers to write, projects to finish, and examinations to pass. There will be celebrating, of course, but your undergraduate years will not be truly behind you until you drive down Route 12 with Plumley Armory in your rearview mirror.

I would encourage you to finish the year strong. Enjoy the time you have left with your classmates, and support each other right to the end. Part of this means keeping out of trouble, and being responsible to one another and the community. Have fun, be safe, and respect your Northfield neighbors: Don’t let the actions of a few ruin the experience for everyone. And when you leave, leave a good impression.

Remember, you are the face of Norwich. And whether you realize it or not, for the rest of your lives, the University will be judged by your actions. If those actions are honorable, you will bring honor to yourself and to Norwich. So let your conscience guide you.

Our first guiding value states, “We are men and women of honor and integrity.” This means choosing the hard right over the easy wrong, standing by your word, and respecting others. You chose Norwich because you instinctively knew this to be true. Now go out into the world and prove it.