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Letter to Editor


Norwich University Athletic Director Anthony Mariano received this letter about the Norwich wrestling team and The Guidon is printing it since it reflects on how Norwich athletes can have an impact beyond campus.


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Vaine and I am a homeschool mom to a 13 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. On January 8, 2019, I had the pleasure of bumping into your Men’s Wrestling team at Get Air in South Burlington, VT. In this day and age of complaints, I strongly feel it’s important to share my story with you.

On this particular day, my son was celebrating his birthday with a “buddies day out”. We picked up two friends who are around his age and size. We arrived at Get Air around 11:00 am. Surprisingly, we were turned away because we were “too big” to enter. I did not realize it was Tot Time until noon. Our group then spent the next hour getting lunch and returned at 12:00.

You should have seen the three boys when we re-entered the facility. Their eyes grew as they saw a large group of college men who were almost three times their size. My group asked me if they (the college group) was going to give them trouble or tease them, etc… I assured them that all would be fine. We paid and went into the trampoline park.

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A rebuttal on Recognition

“Was recognition earned, or given?”  The March 9 issue of the Norwich Guidon had a commentary with that headline, written anonymously by a member of the Corps of Cadets. Here is the reason why the opinions in the commentary are not  a legitimate argument. [Read more…]

Mileage payments now available for students who have NU internships

Even with today’s lower gas prices, many Norwich students find it difficult to pay for the gas it takes to travel back and forth to their internships. Three trips to Burlington a week can add up fast. This year the Norwich University Career Development Center received a grant from the Vermont Department of Labor to reimburse students for at least part of their gas mileage. [Read more…]

Key ROTC officers issue a strong joint message: There is no stigma in seeking counseling help

As the commanding officers of the Naval, Army, and Air Force ROTC programs at Norwich, we three senior officers ultimately control who becomes a military officer in the United States Armed Forces and who doesn’t. As such, we strongly disagree with the comment made in the 6 Nov Guidon as it pertains to a perceived stigma attached to—or a bias against—commission-seeking cadets who also seek counseling. To the contrary, we admire the judgment and courage of those who seek help when they need it. Knowing when you need counsel and taking action to get it shows strength, not weakness. We also want to expose as false any suspicion that we monitor or keep some sort of records on those seeking counseling. On our honor, we do not and will not. [Read more…]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Guidon Editor,

I want to extend my sincere thanks to the entire Norwich Community for supporting Team Red, White & Blue over the course of last week. Students, faculty, staff, and community members were endlessly gracious when it came to supporting the Student Government Association’s cause, Team RWB.

We surpassed our goal of three thousand dollars, with $3,045! We sold completely out of Team RWB pins, stickers, and bracelets that we had to start giving away our valuable NUSGA pens.

Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of our veterans through physical and social activities and events all throughout our country.

Our efforts here at Norwich University join growing efforts across our nation to support our veterans and give back thanks for the sacrifice they have made. Thank you for making a difference in our veterans lives! Norwich for Team Red, White & Blue!


“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve…shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”

—George Washington


George Bausch

President, Norwich University Student

Government Association

NU paintball team exemplified the best

To the Editor:

As someone that is not normally moved to action by demonstrations of personal integrity, I find myself in the odd situation where I feel the need to contact Norwich University to see that a particular group of cadets is recognized in a manner befitting their achievement.  The group to which I am referring is the Norwich cadets who attended the “The Paintballing Dead” event at EMR Paintball Park in New Milford, Pa.,  on March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. [Read more…]

Letter to the Editor

In response to the “A smoke-free campus?” article in the December 13, 2012 edition of the Guidon, I would like to clarify the position of the Wellness Committee and the smoke free/tobacco free policy change that was brought forward.  This policy change has been discussed by the Wellness Committee for many years.

There are several reasons for the proposed changes, which do include the banning of “smoking of any tobacco product and the use of smokeless tobacco, including chew, dip, and snuff, as well as any product that gives the appearance of smoking such as electronic cigarettes or other inhaled nicotine devices.”

The first and foremost is the health risk to a smoker and his/her family members through second-hand smoke.  The Wellness Committee is committed to “promote a multi-dimensional wellness program that provides education and activities for staff, faculty, and students to motivate habits and attitudes that will contribute positively to their total health and well-being and ultimately enhance their productivity and quality of life.” As such, we have sponsored an annual wellness and benefits fair, flu shot clinic, and biometric assessments, in addition to various physical activities each semester.  Faculty and staff have had an opportunity to participate in a health risk assessment that provided a detailed report indicating his/her overall health.

The second is the cost.  Not only the cost to the smoker, which can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, but the cost of our health insurance coverage that covers the expense of a smoker’s illnesses, the cost of lost productivity and absenteeism, and the risk to the health of others who are subjected to the unclean air a smoker generates.

The third are the movements by the U.S. military and Vermont that military bases and training facilities and all Vermont college campuses become smoke and tobacco-free.  The U.S. military recognizes that tobacco use “impairs military readiness, harms the health of soldiers and veterans, and imposes a substantial financial burden on the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.” In Vermont, the emphasis is to help prevent college-age students from becoming addicted to nicotine and having the difficult task of trying to quit at some time in the future.

To help assist our campus smokers, the Wellness Committee will be sponsoring smoking cessation classes, one-on-one counseling, and partnering with the Vermont Quitline to help assist smokers to kick the habit.


Ellen Danahy Liptak PHR
Associate Director of
Human Resources
Chair, Wellness Committee

Feedback wanted on ‘Norwich Monopoly’ idea

I created a version of “Norwich Monopoly” that is based around the NUCC experience, but I am having trouble gauging interest in such an endeavor. I would like to see this idea become a reality, but I would need to sell a certain number of these games in order to break even. However, I am not sure that the Norwich community is sufficiently interested in this. In order to gauge interest, I have options available to me to contact fellow alumni, and would really like some feedback from the current student body. I have set up a Facebook page for this purpose. If you would honestly purchase this game when it exists, please “like” the following link:!/NorwichMonopoly?fref=ts or you can search “Norwich Monopoly.” Thank you.

Brett M. White ‘06