Men’s ice hockey end-of-year banquet a last shot at remembering a great year

The men's 2015 hockey squad poses after a tournament win during their 25-win season. Coach Mike McShane also enjoyed his 600th win in 2015.

The men’s 2015 hockey squad poses after a tournament win during their 25-win season. Coach Mike McShane also enjoyed his 600th win in 2015.

Normally Kreitzberg Arena is filled with thousands of screaming fans and bright white ice. But on Sunday April 19, instead of ice and fans, the arena was warm and round tables were set on a concrete surface of the rink.

The maroon and gold balloons tied to the tables, along with the raised-up stage in front of the home team bench, meant only one thing: It was a sign of the end-of-the- year banquet.

For some people, it was their first banquet, and for others, like senior captain Alec Thieda, it was their last.
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Regimental Commander reflects on her year

steenSince her freshmen year, Norwich University cadet Reagan Steen supported her superiors for three years as a cadet, but as the drum beat signaled the start of the first parade of her senior year, she realized that others were now looking to her on what to do next. [Read more…]

Norwich staff recognized for years of service

staff_recognitionNorwich is well-known for its emphasis on service, and that is taken seriously not just by students.
Those who are employed by Norwich also keep close the guiding values, which are a part of each and every staff member, according to the administrative assistant at College of Graduate and Continuing Study (CGCS), Jesse Drown. [Read more…]

Norwich hosts 15th annual Special Olympics

For four years, Aliah Curry has been a leader and champion on the basketball floor. She’s won just about every honor, including becoming the all-time scoring leader at Norwich, among both men and women.
But there’s another side of her athletic career where she gets a thrill being on the sidelines: The Special Olympics. [Read more…]

#BootStompCancer campaign gains nationwide support

Norwich University Cadet Michael Heimall never expected his cancer awareness campaign to support his brother would gain nationwide support.
But it has, in a big way. [Read more…]

NASA Astronaut: Living the dream

A dream was created when a 12-year-old boy watched the Apollo missions: to some day fly in space.
Col. Michael E. Fossum, USAF (Ret.), eventually reached his goal of becoming a NASA astronaut, and he shared what it is like to journey to space in a talk to Norwich University and the central Vermont community at the Todd Lecture Feb. 26. in Dole Auditorium. [Read more…]

Hockey players hope a little ‘Fury’ will lead to a championship

Walking around the campus, you may see hockey team captain Alec Thieda and other players going around with a “Brad Pitt haircut.”

For those who have seen the movie “Fury,” starring Pitt, this haircut is very familiar. The Norwich men’s ice hockey team has adopted the star actor’s haircut to help them in their playoff push.

Thieda explained that a couple of players got what they called “the Fury haircut” and all the others hopped on. The men have previously done mustaches in the playoffs and in the National Hockey League, teams often grow playoff beards. But Norwich being a military school, mustaches are all that is allowed for cadets. [Read more…]

Group of sophomores seeks return of historic Norwich University fraternity Theta Chi

Theta Chi was founded in 1856 at Norwich University and now has 227 chapters around the U.S.

Theta Chi was founded in 1856 at Norwich University and now has 227 chapters around the U.S.

Some Corps of Cadets sophomores are looking to bring Greek life back to campus, latching on to the “I Will Try” motto.

Mickey Walbridge says he wants more leadership opportunities with brotherhood that are in keeping with college traditions and service to community. The 20-year-old from Modesto, Calif., was motivated by NU history and the schools connection with the first chapter ever founded of Theta Chi. [Read more…]

Mixed Martial Arts club gives students valuable skills

They join for physical fitness and to learn self-defense skills and improve their sense of wellbeing.

That’s some of what draws participants to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which is taught by students at Norwich like Mike Heimall, a 20-year-old from Fort Bliss, Texas.

“MMA techniques come from three primary styles of fighting, which are Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, and wrestling,” explained Heimall, who is an officer of the MMA club, which meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday at 7:15 p.m. in the wrestling room at Plumley.

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Annual Mayo Ball delights senior citizens at Mayo nursing home

mayo_ballAs in past years, around Valentine’s Day, Norwich Cadets don dress blues and make their way to the Mayo Healthcare nursing home in Northfield for the annual Mayo Ball.

Nicole DiDomenico, the Director of Civic Engagement, Service Learning and Campus Partnerships in the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE), said that event has been going on for about 28 years.

The Mayo Ball brightens the spirits of the elderly who stay at the Mayo Clinic, according to DiDomenico.

Each year, reactions to the ball are the same. “They really look forward to it all year long and the day leading to it is really exciting down there. It’s all they talk about,” said DiDomenico. [Read more…]