A welcoming home means a lot to left-behind rooks

Norwich University is a private military college, which means that like at other private military colleges, the freshmen here have a different first year than other college freshmen and sometimes need to escape. As someone who has gone through Rookdom, I can say that it is rewarding – but honestly, about as much fun as standing in the ice and snow while some random person you barely know screams at you. In fact, that exact situation happens a lot here at Norwich University. [Read more…]

Legacy march raises money for veterans



In 2010, Jonathan Schoef and Victoria Amador. two Norwich students, expanded on a hallmark feature of the Norwich education founded by Capt. Alden Partridge. “Alden Partridge used to take students out on long excursions,” explained Brendan Kane, a junior Chinese major from Manchester, N.H. This age-old tradition is now known as the Legacy March. [Read more…]

Concerns raised about fate of ‘Rook Week’ video

A request by the university’s top communications official to review the rook week video has raised concerns that the celebrated filming tradition may be discontinued. [Read more…]

Norwich alum and Army Col. gains dream of coaching football

In August of 2014, the Norwich University football team added an alum and military veteran to its coaching staff, and this member has undergone a huge transition from the military to the football field. [Read more…]

Leadership minor opportunity revived

A new minor has found its way into the 2014 curriculum at Norwich University, and it’s not the first time. It’s on leadership, and is available for all students no matter their year, says the Co-Chair of the new Leadership Committee.

“There used to be a minor of leadership here at Norwich 15 years ago but it didn’t stay; it kind of fell apart. There just wasn’t really a lot of interest at that time, but there is now,” said Prof. Michael Kelley, who is also a professor of civil engineering.
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Newly restarted shooting team is on target

The Norwich University Shooting Team is comparatively new, only being founded this past April, but it is gaining in enthusiasm and skills and hopes to do well in competitions.

Matthew Latter, 23, a senior studies of war and peace major from Bradley, Mass., and vice president of the team, says a lot of new eager shooters have joined up.

“The (people) who are going to start shooting really well, and we’ll see that in the next month or two, are the people who haven’t shot before,” he said, He attributes the growth in skills of these young shooters to the great teaching they have received.

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Regimental Ball: New changes, old traditions


At Norwich University, the annual Regimental Ball is about, “celebrating the seniors and their last year, and an event for the entire corps to come together,” said Melissa Rome, 22, a senior criminal justice major from Enfield, Conn. [Read more…]

A lot of history lies behind Norwich’s alcohol policy

IMG_0851Norwich University’s current guides on alcohol use have been evolving for a long time, and for a number of reasons, according to staff and a look at older NU rules and regulations.

The first printed restriction of alcohol, referred to as “spirituous liquor,” was in the Internal Regulations section of the school’s 1837 Prospectus, which was an older version of the Student Rules and Regulations. Before, the Internal Regulations section of Prospectus only vaguely restricted cadets from conducting actions contrary to, “true principles of correct military discipline.”

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Cyberbullying case hits Norwich; ‘Yik Yak’ app blocked on campus

The popular social app Yik Yak took the Norwich campus by storm in September, and then was soon blocked because of cyberbullying in a case that made the national newswires.

The popular social app Yik Yak took the Norwich campus by storm in September, and then was soon blocked because of cyberbullying in a case that made the national newswires.

In the wake of a case of cyberbullying at Norwich against a number of students, top officials at the university have launched an investigation into the situation.

According to a university statement, “No official reports of criminal behavior have been made, and law enforcement is not involved in the investigation.”

But Norwich’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Frank Vanecek, and. Peter Stephenson, chief information security officer at Norwich, both confirmed to the Guidon that a probe is taking place into harassing comments made on the social app Yik Yak.

Yik Yak allows users to post comments anonymously but it requires a cell phone number and, said Stephenson, users are not truly anonymous. “Nothing ever goes away on the Internet,” said Stephenson, adding that “Given the time and the resources, I can track anybody.”

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From turf to the battlefield: commissioning linebackers

For the 2014 season campaign, the Norwich University football team has four commissioned officers suiting up. Two of which are the starting inside-linebackers for the Cadets. [Read more…]