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Cadet wrestling goes international, with cultural trip to Mongolia this June

This June, a handful of Norwich University wrestlers will head to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia as part of the “Norwich Wrestling Mongolian Cultural Exchange” to train and compete in freestyle wrestling.

“Throughout my time as a coach at Norwich, we have had wrestlers go to foreign countries to help grow themselves as wrestlers, I am excited to say that this summer we will be doing so once again,” said Alex Whitney, head wresting coach at Norwich University.

“The wrestlers will have the chance to train and compete among 300-400 other wrestlers from all around the world, as well as have the chance to experience a culture far from what they are used to,” Whitney said.

On June 3, five Norwich wrestlers and three coaches, as well as a handful of other coaches and athletes, will embark on what the Norwich Wrestling page describes as “an amazing experience for our student-athletes,” to train and compete at the Mongolian Olympic Training Center. They will be training and competing there until their return to America on June 17.

“For the first few days of the trip we will be traveling and acclimating to the culture around us,” said Ronnie Lee Haze Caudill, a 24-year-old senior from Huber Heights, Ohio. Caudill will be competing at 86kg.

“Once we settle in, we will be competing in a tournament with over 200 teams and many foreign countries represented,” Caudill said. [Read more…]

Major love for Game of Thrones at NU

It’s Sunday evening at Norwich University. While many students are prepping for the week and what’s to come from it, in a lot of rooms folks are prepping for a certain show to come on.

Brittany Fields, a senior psychology major said, “I’ve heard people actually call Sunday Game of Thrones Day in correlation to the show coming on at this time.”

Game of Thrones has developed a huge fandom – 17.4 million viewers across cable, HBO Go, and HBO Now tuned into the Season 8 premiere – and Norwich is no different, with a huge cult following of Game of Thrones.

One of its fans is Jordan Wall. “Although the show has been on for nearly a decade, I barely started watching it last year,” said Wall, a 20-year-old sophomore accounting major from Jacksonville, N.C. “I caught up this past spring break, and here I am now watching the series finale.”
Wall said that all it takes is a mention from his friend that there’s a new episode out, and he will just stop whatever he’s doing and go watch it.

“I’ve only watched it since about the beginning of this year, but I’ve been able to binge since then to catch up to this season,” said Jane Carr, a 22-year-old senior accounting major from Kennebunk, Maine.

People from her company would set up times to see it, so she decided to take the time to watch Game of Thrones, she said. It was a great way to bond. [Read more…]

A momentous milestone for Norwich, and personal milestones as well

The Class of 2019 is getting ready to wrap up their college careers and carry the distinction of being the bicentennial class. This is the most important time for our graduates as they venture out into the world and make their mark in the world. We all are so very proud of your accomplishments and for representing our bicentennial year! This class is so fortunate because when you come back to celebrate your 50th, Norwich will be celebrating its 250th anniversary!

At Norwich, behind only graduation and commissioning ceremonies in terms of milestones, are the Junior Ring ceremonies. As the Class of 2020 is the final class for whom I will have been president for all four of their Norwich years, those ceremonies took on an even more significant meaning to me this year.

In addition, the Class of 2020 was Norwich’s largest incoming class, which inspired me to take my first ever all-class selfie with them when they arrived at Norwich three years ago. I promised them that I would take a final selfie with the entire class at commencement. Next year, I look forward to doing that.

Two really memorable moments happened this year at the Junior Ring ceremonies. The Corps and civilian students have two separate ring ceremonies, so every year I figure out how to attend both!

This year, the cadet class of 2020 honored me by inviting me to their ring unveiling, where they announced they had added two stars to their ring design in my honor. No class has ever done that for me, and for that I am so grateful.

In their ceremony, the civilian Class of 2020 also did something no other class has done: They purchased and presented me with their class ring. I was equally moved. Indeed, the entire Class of 2020 is very special to me.

The entire Class of 2020, both Corps and Civilian who received their rings this spring, is living proof of the value of a diverse and inclusive student body.

I am in a similar position as this class. Next year, when they graduate, I will retire. That makes them my last senior class. So in that sense, we are members of the same class.

To the entire Class of 2020: You are leaders of character and principle, forging your own paths, making contributions to your communities and to the world at large. Thank you for your hard work that has earned you the right to wear your class ring. Wear it with pride; you all deserve it. And thank you for the great distinction you bestowed upon me through your Junior Ring ceremonies; I will never forget it!

SGA: For the students, made up of students

Left to right, SGA secretary and sophomore Madhurane Muthukumaraswany, president and senior Audrey Meakin, and junior Liam Manning..

In the last year, many changes have occurred on Norwich’s campus, from new buildings to new policies. While some of these are credited to the commandants or Norwich administration, there are other groups and organizations that are also working towards positive change for the students and the university.

One of the changes that was made in the 2018-2019 academic year was to appeal a proposal to tighten Norwich’s honors requirements. This action was, in part, due to an increasingly active role being taken by the Norwich University Student Government Association (SGA).

According to Prof. Mike Kelley, the faculty advisor for the SGA, the changes to honors requirements was the “perfect” opportunity for the governing bodies at Norwich to work together to find a solution in a matter that was important to both sectors.

The SGA had been hearing complaints from the current seniors and juniors about a proposal on what qualifies as “cum laude” Latin honors. Norwich SGA for 2018-2019 was under the leadership of Executive Branch President Audrey Meakin and Senate Chairman TJ Carley. With their collaboration they were able to execute changes in the Latin honors designations on behalf of their fellow students.

The honors issue involved a plan to change the grade requirements, which would have impacted a large number of upperclass juniors and seniors.
“Juniors and graduating seniors had worked really hard to get an honor that will go on their resume and on their diploma,” said senior Audrey Meakin, a 22-year-old from Marblehead, Mass. “The way it was implemented was so you could work three years to get cum laude with a 3.0 GPA (grade point average), but then it was changed 3.4 and there was no time consideration or grandfather clause. This is where SGA stepped in.” [Read more…]