The ring ruckus

As a senior with her own Corps of Cadets ring, I understand the excitement and importance in celebrating one of the most important weekends of a cadet’s time on the hill. It is a milestone that does not come without hard work and determination.

With the release of a new memo on Junior Ring Weekend leave policy by the Commandant of Cadets, it quickly became obvious that many cadets were upset by the rules set out. The memo stated that sophomores and freshmen are barred from attending at the condominiums that juniors traditionally rent to celebrate at over the weekend.

It makes sense that freshmen shouldn’t attend condos, since it runs the risk of violating fraternization rules. Sophomore carry the same risks, but since they have a lot more freedom than freshmen, these risks can come with severe consequences. In past years, sophomores typically served as designated drivers for upper class cadets, however, as pointed out in Anthony Rodriguez’s story on Page 10, it’s not their job to take care of upperclassmen. Seniors are responsible for the people under their command, and since we’ve had our junior ring weekend, it is time to step up and take care of our own.

The memo by Col. Michael Titus merely serves as a reminder of a policy that has been in place for years. I had to check in with seniors my sophomore year over junior ring weekend, so they knew that I was safe.

It’s no secret that the weekend comes with a lot of partying and drinking, and with that, people need to take policies and memos seriously. It’s against the law to drink underage, that is what should stop sophomores from taking part in the festivities in the first place. Norwich has had more than enough incidents with cadets involved with drunk driving. It is all of our responsibilities to make sure that the weekend is fun, memorable, but safe.

The real conflict that was the catalyst for this memo to be released is the fact that junior ring weekend coincides with Easter weekend. Some juniors will have to make the tough decision to either miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime weekend, or be away from their family during a major religious holiday. The timing of the weekend as a whole is where the conflict lies, and I hope in the future that the administration puts more thought into their planning to prevent such strife surrounding a weekend as important as Junior Ring.

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