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President Schneider. Photo by Norwich University

At Norwich University, your college experience includes world-class academics, and a robust and enriching campus full of opportunities that range from membership in the Corps of Cadets to athletics, outdoor activities on Payne Mt., to cultural events and many varied student clubs and intramural sports.

In order to better understand how administrative decisions affect the student experience, it is necessary to survey the community every now and again, and we are currently involved in that process now. There are two different surveys: one just for first year students and seniors, the second for all full-time matriculated students.

By now, all first year students and seniors should have received the National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE) from the email address: which is administered by Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Assessment Dr. Natalia Blank. That survey, which we conduct every three years, opened on Feb. 14. Your open and honest feedback is critical to helping us understand how well we are supporting your experience as undergraduate students both inside and outside of the classroom. The NSSE survey is brief, and should take about 15 minutes to complete.

According to NSSE, “Student engagement represents two critical features of collegiate quality. The first is the amount of time and effort students put into their studies and other educationally purposeful activities. The second is how the institution deploys its resources and organizes the curriculum and other learning opportunities to enable students to participate in activities that decades of research studies show are linked to student learning.”

Students who complete the NSSE survey by April 15 will be entered to win one of six $25 gift cards to the Norwich bookstore.

There is also a second, different survey. The Ruffalo Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) opened up on Feb. 18 and continues until March 2 to all full-time, matriculated students. This survey has been administered at Norwich about every two years since 2006 and originates from the email of Vice President of Student Affairs Frank Vanecek. This survey measures student satisfaction and priorities, showing us how satisfied students are as well as what issues are important to you. This information covers all aspects of the collegiate experience and the results are shared with university leadership. In the past the results have been reported to the Board of Trustees, Faculty Senate, Student Government Association (SGA), and individual departments.

All answers are anonymous. To express our appreciation for completing the survey, you will be entered into a drawing to win prizes. There are 10 $25 Cadet Ca$h gift cards; 10 $50 gift cards; VP Vanecek’s parking spot in the Jackman parking lot for the month of April; and a $250 gift card all up for grabs! The winners will be announced the week of March 4-8.

We take what we learn from these surveys seriously and rely upon the information that you provide to help guide our decisions. For instance, results from 2015 and 2017 surveys resulted in the university making improvements in a few areas that were shown to be an issue by our student’s responses. Here are some examples of how we incorporated your feedback.

We improved the number and overall coverage of WIFI access in the residence halls and barracks

X Increased the WIFI bandwidth

Added additional safety equipment around campus (more security cameras, blue lights, etc.)

Simplified reporting maintenance issues directly to the facilities and operations department.

The SSI survey is more comprehensive and therefore longer than the NSSE survey. It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

Together these two surveys provide me and my team with critical feedback from you, our students. The critical information that you provide helps us in our strategic planning for the future and in our higher education accreditation, which is very important in the overall health of Norwich University and, ultimately, to the value of your degree.

You are the reason Norwich exists. We need to know what is the quality of your experience at Norwich. We welcome and value any ideas you may have on evolving that experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to these surveys.


We need your survey opinions,  and there’s prizes for participating

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