On the importance of mental health…

Norwich University recently celebrated a mental health awareness week. The week kicked off with a lantern release and featured daily talks highlighting men and women’s different mental health needs and concerns. Clearly the university is trying to push for a campus that is aware of not only its physical health, but emotional health as well. However, this should not be limited to a week. This should be something that students actively should pay attention to.

With the loss of a fellow student this school year, we should be more aware of our self internally, and pay attention to our loved ones and friends, in not only their times of need, but checking in now and then as well. Sometimes, it is the people we pay the least amount of attention to who may need our time the most. As a tight-knit community, we need to band together to lend a helping hand to our friends, families, and members of our communities to ensure that we are all checked in on.

As the editor of this paper and a member of this community, I urge you all to take care of yourselves – more than just hitting the gym or knocking out your school assignments. Pay attention to your sleeping and eating habits, as well as your relationships with others. Make sure that you are taking care of your needs emotionally, physically, and mentally. We all have our own bodies and minds to take care of, and making a change starts by making a change in yourself.


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