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Norwich University Athletic Director Anthony Mariano received this letter about the Norwich wrestling team and The Guidon is printing it since it reflects on how Norwich athletes can have an impact beyond campus.


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Vaine and I am a homeschool mom to a 13 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. On January 8, 2019, I had the pleasure of bumping into your Men’s Wrestling team at Get Air in South Burlington, VT. In this day and age of complaints, I strongly feel it’s important to share my story with you.

On this particular day, my son was celebrating his birthday with a “buddies day out”. We picked up two friends who are around his age and size. We arrived at Get Air around 11:00 am. Surprisingly, we were turned away because we were “too big” to enter. I did not realize it was Tot Time until noon. Our group then spent the next hour getting lunch and returned at 12:00.

You should have seen the three boys when we re-entered the facility. Their eyes grew as they saw a large group of college men who were almost three times their size. My group asked me if they (the college group) was going to give them trouble or tease them, etc… I assured them that all would be fine. We paid and went into the trampoline park.

What I experienced during the next two hours really and truly surprised me. Now, it was obvious to me that this group of men was a Norwich Wrestling team based on their clothing but I was still expecting to have to on my guard. To my delight, I did not witness any of your young men behaving inappropriately. If one of my boys accidently got in the way, each young man made sure not to pummel or trip over them. Your group actually played dodge ball (with proper self control) with my kids. Most of all, I was impressed that I never heard any foul language. Their behavior continued to be polite, make eye contact and demonstrate a desire to train while having a self awareness that others were around.

Sir, I was raised with an Air Force dad and my mom who raised us in the Church. With this upbringing, proper behavior is hardwired in me and is now within my children. I saw self control and politeness in your team. On another note, my young, teenage daughter was there and no one was inappropriate around her and I am pleased about that.

I would’ve written sooner but life gets ahead of me. Mr. Mariano, I really wanted you to know that your wrestling team represented your school well. I am highly impressed. My only problem now is that my son thinks that college students go to Get Air every day.


Thank you for your time,

Stephanie Vaine

2053 Hardscrabble Road

Bristol, VT 05443

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