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For Shock Platoon, every drill counts


Senior Shock Platoon commander Joseph Kim leads the drill through practice. Photo by Anthony Rodriguez.

On a brisk February afternoon at Norwich University’s Plumley Armory Gymnasium, the regimental drill team conducted a strenuous and intense three-hour practice.

Sweat, cuts, and bruises are left on team members as they take a quick break. The commander soon calls the members to “form up the block.”

“I remember the day they called out my name after try outs, and I was just so excited,” said Gabby Caouette, a sophomore engineering major in the Drill Company. “Look at me now – spending one of my Saturday’s to prepare for the biggest collegiate drill competition in the nation.”

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Letter to Editor


Norwich University Athletic Director Anthony Mariano received this letter about the Norwich wrestling team and The Guidon is printing it since it reflects on how Norwich athletes can have an impact beyond campus.


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Vaine and I am a homeschool mom to a 13 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. On January 8, 2019, I had the pleasure of bumping into your Men’s Wrestling team at Get Air in South Burlington, VT. In this day and age of complaints, I strongly feel it’s important to share my story with you.

On this particular day, my son was celebrating his birthday with a “buddies day out”. We picked up two friends who are around his age and size. We arrived at Get Air around 11:00 am. Surprisingly, we were turned away because we were “too big” to enter. I did not realize it was Tot Time until noon. Our group then spent the next hour getting lunch and returned at 12:00.

You should have seen the three boys when we re-entered the facility. Their eyes grew as they saw a large group of college men who were almost three times their size. My group asked me if they (the college group) was going to give them trouble or tease them, etc… I assured them that all would be fine. We paid and went into the trampoline park.

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Remembering Connor

Norwich and Castleton climbing event honors lacrosse player who died his sophomore year


Connor Roberts, #9, and his brother Ben                      

The youngest of four siblings, an engineering management major, and an athlete.

Connor Roberts came to Norwich in the fall of 2012. A Vermont native, hailing from St. Albans, Connor spent two years at Norwich, while the rest of his siblings attended Castleton University.

He played two seasons of lacrosse and one season of football in those two years here, and left a strong impression. However Connor didn’t know that he had a condition that would lead to him passing away the summer after he finished his sophomore year.

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Norwich expands effort on sex issues

Matthew Roche, new Title IX Coordinator. Photo by Andrew Thomas

The number of reported sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault cases tied to the Norwich University campus have skyrocketed in the 2018/2019 year – and according to new Title IX (Nine) Coordinator Matthew Roche, this is actually a good thing.

“In the past reporting has not been great here. Whether it was a mistrust of students or whatever it was, but there weren’t many reports filed. This year we have skyrocketed in numbers,” Roche said, noting that might have a downside. “My one fear is that people are going to be highly alarmed because numbers are going to seem really high,” said Roche.

The tally for this academic year won’t be publicly available until October, said Roche, in a document known as the Clery Report. But he plans to release an annual report that will be available for everyone to view at the end of the academic year.

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Men’s hockey riding high as playoffs begin

Sophomore forward Cody Downs looking for someone to pass the puck to. Photo by Norwich University

The Norwich men’s hockey team is busting into the playoffs with a strong win streak that makes some early season issues seem ancient history.

“Some struggles we have had were just adopting to a brand-new system, but that lasted for about three weeks,” said TJ Dockery, 23, a defenseman who hails from Lockport, N.Y.

Since those early season issues and losses, the team has done a great job of executing better with each game, Dockery said. At this point the team must be at its best to make the playoff and conference push, he said – and that appears to be the case as the Cadets have now won 14 straight with a 6-2 win over Southern Maine on Senior Day.

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The President’s Corner

Want a voice in what happens at Norwich? Join the SGA, and vote

Student Government Association (SGA) elections are coming up Feb. 25 – March 1. This is a great opportunity for you to exercise your right to participate in the shared governance of the university. The SGA is the student organization that is committed to working on maintaining a positive relationship between the student body and the administration by serving as a hub for communication and the source of problem-solving efforts for issues of concern to students.

The SGA is a vital component to student life on campus and works closely with the faculty senate and staff council to work out issues. This is what it means to be an engaged citizen. Students: I implore you to vote in a couple weeks. Then, next year, run for office and learn first-hand what it means to govern. The opportunities for effecting meaningful change for the everyday life of students and the community are limitless.

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