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A focus on solving issues highlights 2nd annual International Women’s Day


Official poster promoting the International Women’s Day event. Picture by Norwich University


Nicole Navarro, a 21-year old political science major from San Antonio, Texas, has a passion for public speaking. With the Norwich University campus being 78.5 percent male and only 21.5 percent female, she found women were often underrepresented.

Speaking up on issues of concern to women is where Navarro found her voice.

“It is important to highlight existing and future issues that they face,” Navarro said.

One of the earliest known steps towards women’s equality was written in 1777 by the first lady of the United States of America. Women “will not hold ourselves bound to any law by which we have no voice,” said former first lady Abigail Smith Adams.

Adams’ words marked the beginning of a fight for women’s equality that continues through 2019, where women like Navarro still step up and carry on a legacy of strong women’s voices in the United States.

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As the only senior on men’s basketball team, providing leadership was key for Haimes

Basket 2

Senior captain Daniel Haimes. Picture by Norwich Athletics

Every season has its ups and down. The Norwich men’s basketball team started off the year with a couple big wins, but then slowly started to lose momentum throughout the season and ended up 7-18 on the year.

However, there were signs of progress when Norwich hung on to win its last game against the Raiders of Rivier University by a 95-81 final score – with the team’s lone senior, Daniel Haimes going out on a high note on Senior Day.

The biggest struggles of the team this year were putting it all together for 40 minutes and competing the entire game – not unexpected for a very young team, said Haimes, 21, a shooting guard from Capistrano, Calif.

What often caused the team to lose games this year has been not being able to overcome adversity and continuing to fight to till the buzzer goes off. The best parts of the season have to be “simply making winning plays,” said Haimes, who was captain of the team. But he was encouraged by what he saw in 2018-19.

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Human rights is focus for Norwich Prague trip

For 21-year-old Daniela Tupy, taking advantage of an all expense paid trip to Prague was more than just a chance to travel overseas.

The senior criminal justice major from Medway, Mass., will be returning to her home country for something other than visiting her family.

As part of a human rights course at Norwich, Tupy was able to submit an abstract paper in hopes of being selected to attend a Norwich-led event that bolsters the university’s focus on internationalization. “I wrote my paper on the communist use of police in Czechoslovakia during the 1940s,” she said. “I wrote the paper because of my family and my ties to the country.”

According to Tupy, human rights is something she deals with often through her job. “I am actually a part-time police officer in N.H., myself, so I was able to connect that with (the paper),” Tupy said. “I’m excited to learn about the country itself, there’s a lot of history I don’t know about, especially when it comes to human rights.”

As reports of a global rise in authoritarianism and the degradation of basic human rights threaten to endanger democracy, this Norwich-led conference that takes place in Prague March 7-8 has the potential to “help support the participants and human rights activists to bolster a society based on liberty,” according to the conference’s co-organizer.

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Senior Chase Hammer wins Naval award

Chase Hummer

Naval Institute award winner Chase Hammer. Photo by Chase Hammer

On an afternoon in Wasilla, Alaska, Chase Hammer received a call from the United States Naval Institute informing him he would be receiving a grand prize.

“I was on the way to spend time with my fiancé’s family,” said Hammer, a midshipmen first class. “ That’s when I got a call from a number I had never seen before.”

What started as a way to free up time in his final semester as a senior management major resulted in a cash prize and publication of an essay Hammer, 22, wrote on ethics.

Hammer placed second out of 86 in an essay contest hosted by the United States Naval Institute, which resulted in him winning a year subscription to Proceedings, the oldest naval journal, a $2,500 prize, and having his essay be published in an upcoming issue of Proceedings.

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Pegasus Players to put on 5 student plays


Nick Veldey is directing one of the student one-act plays to be performed in April, and also wrote one of the plays. Picture by Hoainam Nguyen

As one of the oldest members of Norwich University’s Pegasus Players, Nick Veldey has been a part of Pegasus since before the completion of Mack Hall and before a new director for the Pegasus Players.

Throughout his four years as a member of the club, the native of Indio, Calif., has played roles on stage, helped build sets, and coordinated with the cast and crew as a stage manager. Now Veldey, sitting among the rows of seats in Mack auditorium, is about to undertake a whole new role.

The-21-year-old criminal justice major will be directing a play for the first time.

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Strength and conditioning coach gives athletes a lift

Greg Cox

New head strength and conditioning coach Greg Cox. Picture by Andrew Thomas

Lucian Cascino has lifted his fair share of weights in the past decade. He has competitively and non-competitively trained under numerous coaches and programs, but recalls really making that jump in strength in college.

Cascino, a recent Trinity graduate from the class of 2018, was under the leadership of Norwich’s new strength and conditioning coach Greg Cox. He credits Cox for really helping his training while in college.

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Off-campus spiked drinks report spurs NU response

For many senior students, the last year of college is a pendulum that swings from utmost moments of fun and entertainment at Norwich to designing post-graduation future plans. For 21-year-old ‘Jamie,’ a student who requested anonymity, this semester offer a chance to collect some last few memories here at Norwich University.

Getting dolled up, putting makeup on, and seeing all of her friends is something she looks forward to after a long week of classes. Some weekends this means going bowling, other times this means going to a house party and socializing with other students.

Now close to being a college graduate, Jamie did not expect that all the little precautions she unconsciously has been applying over the years while out with friends might have saved her from being a target of a drugging.

On the weekend of Feb. 2 an incident involving “potential drugging” occurred during one of the parties off-campus. This event is still actively being investigated by local authorities.

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The President’s Corner


President Schneider. Photo by Norwich University

At Norwich University, your college experience includes world-class academics, and a robust and enriching campus full of opportunities that range from membership in the Corps of Cadets to athletics, outdoor activities on Payne Mt., to cultural events and many varied student clubs and intramural sports.

In order to better understand how administrative decisions affect the student experience, it is necessary to survey the community every now and again, and we are currently involved in that process now. There are two different surveys: one just for first year students and seniors, the second for all full-time matriculated students.

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On the importance of mental health…

Norwich University recently celebrated a mental health awareness week. The week kicked off with a lantern release and featured daily talks highlighting men and women’s different mental health needs and concerns. Clearly the university is trying to push for a campus that is aware of not only its physical health, but emotional health as well. However, this should not be limited to a week. This should be something that students actively should pay attention to.

With the loss of a fellow student this school year, we should be more aware of our self internally, and pay attention to our loved ones and friends, in not only their times of need, but checking in now and then as well. Sometimes, it is the people we pay the least amount of attention to who may need our time the most. As a tight-knit community, we need to band together to lend a helping hand to our friends, families, and members of our communities to ensure that we are all checked in on.

As the editor of this paper and a member of this community, I urge you all to take care of yourselves – more than just hitting the gym or knocking out your school assignments. Pay attention to your sleeping and eating habits, as well as your relationships with others. Make sure that you are taking care of your needs emotionally, physically, and mentally. We all have our own bodies and minds to take care of, and making a change starts by making a change in yourself.


For Shock Platoon, every drill counts


Senior Shock Platoon commander Joseph Kim leads the drill through practice. Photo by Anthony Rodriguez.

On a brisk February afternoon at Norwich University’s Plumley Armory Gymnasium, the regimental drill team conducted a strenuous and intense three-hour practice.

Sweat, cuts, and bruises are left on team members as they take a quick break. The commander soon calls the members to “form up the block.”

“I remember the day they called out my name after try outs, and I was just so excited,” said Gabby Caouette, a sophomore engineering major in the Drill Company. “Look at me now – spending one of my Saturday’s to prepare for the biggest collegiate drill competition in the nation.”

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