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On the importance of Community

Cadet Connor Druin

Cadet Connor Druin

With the passing of a fellow cadet, I am reminded that Norwich University is not only an institution, but also a community. Connor Drouin, a senior cadet, passed away at the age of 22 over Thanksgiving Break. On a frigid Tuesday night, the corps of cadets donned their “grey-on-whites,” the most iconic uniform of the cadet, and stood a vigil during echo taps.

Drouin’s rook platoon, 15-2-2, stood together as a unit on the upper parade ground in special remembrance for their fallen rook brother. The UP was silent except for the firing party and bugle. Numerous civilian students joined to pay their respects at the ceremony. All barracks rooms facing the UP were dark, and every cadet saluted as the firing party performed a 21 gun salute, and echo taps played in the dark.

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The Veterans Place finds its place in Northfield

By Myranda Dewey

Guidon Staff Writer

How does the small town of Northfield Vermont, home to the oldest military college in the United States, support veterans in need? According to a resident at the Veterans Place in Northfield, there is no shortage of assistance in this patriotic little town.

“The community and Norwich University is really supportive, usually the cadets come once a month on Thursdays just to play poker and stuff with the guys,” said Phil Rowell, a former resident and current director of the Veterans Place. “They came and put all of the Christmas lights and decorations up on the day before Thanksgiving. They decorate our tree every year.”

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The Norwich mens rugby team saw yet another strong undefeated 6-0 season in their conference, earning their 3rd berth in a row in the nationals by defeating Bentley University 35-0. Their regular season ended with them going 9-2. Unfortunately, their championship run was ended by the Queens University of Charlotte,N.C., who barely defeated the Cadets 29-26. In the 3rd place consolation match the team beat Marquette University 7-0.

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Inside the designing of the 2020 Ring


Katie Reid Ring

Junior cadet Katie Reid happily showcasing the varied weights and designs of potential class rings. Picture by Andrew Quintero

In 1923, the Norwich University Corps of Cadets began the tradition of the class ring. It originally started to represent the different class years but, according to members of the corps today, it has grown to mean something much more. “The ring has become a connection between every alumni past, present and future,” said Shane Ryan.

Ryan is a 20-year-old junior, and a computer security and information assurance major from Voorhees, N.J. He thinks of the ring as a connection between everyone who has ever walked the halls surrounding the upper parade grounds and the campus as a cadet.

“When you see a person with the ring, with the 1819 and then their class designed side, you instantly have a mutual respect for that person,” said Ryan. “It doesn’t matter where they came from, where they started or where they are now, I can understand what they went through to get that ring.”

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Overheard, where Norwich culture thrives


“Overheard” administrator Jim Black (center) hams it up with the ceremonial cavalry saber use to “knight” moderators of his popular Facebook site about cadet and student life at Norwich. There are around 19 moderators who run the site. Photo curtesy by Jim BlackAs everyone at Norwich quickly learns, “Overheard and Overseen at Norwich” is the unofficial and unauthorized Facebook page that everyone checks out every day. The man behind it simply calls it “a look into the culture on campus.”

James Francis Black IV, Class of ’17, is the chief administrator of the page, and it reflects both his sense of humor and steady fingers on the pulse of Norwich University.

“Originally, Overheard at Norwich was literally just an overheard page, a place where people could talk about things that they had heard about on campus, but nowadays it’s a group where the true culture of Norwich can live,” said Black, a communications major who was hired to work as office administrator in the department after he graduated.
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