Men’s club hockey holds ‘Puck Cancer’ t-shirt fundraiser for Vermont’s Camp Takumta

Madhurance Muthukumaraswany and Matthew Dunn manning the fundraising table. Photo courtesy of the men’s club hockey team.

Norwich mens club hockey looks to “make an impact,” off the ice this year by creating a fundraising campaign to raise money for charity according to the club president.
“We’re definitely looking to make an impact on campus and in the community; it’s a goal of ours to be a well-represented team and do the most we can for our community,” said Peter Orlandella, 22, a senior computer security information assurance major from Wayland, Mass.
Orlandella serves as the club’s president, being tasked with organizing a majority of the teams scheduled practices, games and lifts, Orlandella also works hard to get the team as active in fundraising as possible.
“The entire team has tried to do as much as they can fundraising for cancer, we’re going to be starting a local charity for the holiday season as well,” Orlandella said.

The team has held fifty-fifty raffles, worked community service events and even sold t-shirts with their fundraising campaign slogan, ‘Puck Cancer,’ on them to help raise money for the community.
“[The team] created a ‘Puck Cancer’ t-shirt to sell, with one-hundred percent of the proceeds going to Camp Takumta, a camp for kids with cancer up in northern Vermont,” said the Norwich mens club hockey coach Bruce Baroffio, Jr. from Northfield, Vt.
“I help get my players volunteer positions in the community and we also have created a fundraising campaign called Norwich Men’s Club Hockey Cares,” Baroffio said.
Though it isn’t just the team’s willingness to volunteer for such selfless service that helps raise money for charity, their ability to captivate fans at games has created a decent fan base that attracts consistent crowds to each game which is not only good for the team but also for fundraising.
“Klubbies (club hockey) is all about having fun for us, everyone on the team has played at a high level and has a competitive edge, were just great at balancing the two and having fun while working hard,” said Will Conroy, 22, a senior political science major from Dorchester, Mass.
Conroy, a four-year member of the club hockey team, has seen the team’s focus develop over the years to what it is today and believes they’ve never been on a better track for success both on and off the ice.
“The organization, Orlandella, our President, and Swany, our Vice President have created is absolutely incredible. All the team stuff and fundraising is very well organized, especially with our last campaign, Puck Cancer, and the support we got from the community is just great,” Conroy said.
The Norwich mens club hockey team brings both a fun and competitive vibe to the ice when they compete in their games, attributes that make them a fan’s ideal choice for entertainment.
“We just have fun out there, we are very competitive guys but at the same time we know how to make that competitive edge fun, which is why I think were a fun group to watch when we get out there,” said Madhurane “Swany” Muthukumaraswany, 20, a sophomore pre-med health science major from Montreal, QC.

Senior center Cody Moore looking for a shot. Picture by Norwich University

Swany, who serves as the team’s vice president, is a big influence on the team on and off the ice and says that although the team has fun they treat their training very seriously.
“We basically run everything like a varsity team, we practice three times a week and lift twice a week in the gym so that were always at our best once game day comes,” Swany said.
Swany says the team is focused on winning and getting a shot at the national tournament to really prove their worth.
“Last year we were really focused on making regionals, but this year were really going for that nationals spot and were working extremely hard to get there,” Swany said.
The team has started their year on the winning track being one of the top teams in the league, a tough thing to do when losing six senior players from the previous year and gaining thirteen new members for the current season, yet the Cadets have found a way.
“We definitely took a hit losing six seniors last year, but we found some new guys to step up and were doing great,” Orlandella said.
The Norwich mens club hockey team’s season has just begun and so has their fundraising for the year, they soon have plans to start a new campaign in the holiday season that will help raise even more money for charity.
“All this fundraising is really just the beginning, it’s a long season and there’s plenty of time to raise some money for good causes, were working on another campaign idea for the holiday season right now and were excited to keep doing what we have been doing both on and off the ice,” Orlandella said.

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