Intramural sports looking to gain recognition

Intramural sports are a great way for students to stay active and play the sports they love. While many of the students at Norwich University played sports in high school, they choose to stop once they get to college, turning to intramural sports as an outlet for fun and exercise.

Intramural sports are set up by other students and brought to life with the help of the university. They give students who do not have a chance to play college sports a chance to say they are part of a team, whether it’s a club or for the varsity level. The sports take place year-round and change within the seasons. “We look to have at least one each season, and depending on interest, we consider planning more,” said Nolan Aurelia, 22, a business major from Hartford, Conn.

With many of the students at the university not participating on a varsity sports team, the intramurals help students meet others who have the same athletic interests as themselves. “Intramurals at Norwich have never been great, and it’s a huge challenge to try and get people aware of intramural activities available,” Aurelia said.

This season, the staff attempted to get a co-ed softball league going throughout the school, but the plans fell through because not enough people were aware of the opportunity. “Ice hockey is always a desirable activity, but it is next to impossible to get ice time,” Aurelia added.

With having all these sports, it brings up the question, is there being money made out of this, and where is it going? One possibility might be as a great way to raise money for charities, “No charities, but definitely something we would like to do. We have to establish intramurals first,” Aurelia said. “No one has to play in these tournaments … that is the beauty of it all, there is no commitment, if you sign up then realize you don’t want to compete there is no issue.”

There are many students around the school that would be more than interested in being a part of one of the intramural teams because of the less competitive and fun atmosphere, according to Robert Rapoza, 23, a business major from Mansfield, Mass.“ I do believe intramural benefits students who do not play college sports because I believe some students would want to participate in a sport they enjoy without it being as competitive and strenuous at times, compared to a collegiate varsity athlete.”

“Only a handful of the students who go to Norwich actually came to here play sports; some of them probably played sports in high school, but did not get the chance to bring it to the college level. This is why it is important for schools to have intramurals, so everyone has a chance to play some type of sport,” said Ben Cormier, 22, a senior communications major, from Bridgewater, Mass.

When it comes to getting the word out about what sports are available for people to play, Cormier believes the best way to get students interested in playing would be to fundraise for the sports, so they can get some uniforms and equipment, which would make the students feel like they are on an actual team.

“For me, and I am sure for a lot people, a sport is always better when it feels like you are playing for something, if they set up tournaments, and had teams have their own jerseys and team names; there would be a better turn out,” Rapoza said.

A few weeks ago, the Campus Activities Board hosted a flag football tournament, offering as the top prize to the winning team their very own custom Tshirts. “If they have these tournaments for any type of sport, they should give out trophies to the winners, it would be cool to see them have an intramural trophy case here instead of just one for the regular sports,” Cormier said.

Playing a college sport takes time from a student who wants to participate in other activities, but students like Rapoza and Cormier, who both played football throughout the years here at Norwich, show that they have no issue playing intramurals if time permits.

Students have offered ideas for all kinds of different intramural sports. Aurelia said that they are working on having a huge full court basketball tournament after the holiday break next year.

“There is no specific prize yet for the winners, we actually do not know if this will go through, but if anyone has ideas we would love to hear about them,” Aurelia said.

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