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Corps freshman is raising the bar

  Norwich University gets a wide range of athletes, but Gabriela Carrasquillo isn’t just any ordinary college competitor.

Carrasquillo, who plans on becoming an intel officer in the United States Army, has set herself an athletic goal that aims really high in her sports passion, which is weightlifting. “I aspire to make it to the Olympics one day,” said Carrasquillo.

Carrasquillo, 19,  is a freshman criminal justice and Spanish major from Framingham, Mass., who got into Olympic-style weight lifting at the age of 15. “I really got into it about last year. I competed three times,” said Carrasquillo. In two of those three competitions, she placed in the competition, and currently Carrasquillo is the North Atlantic Junior champion and Bay State champion for weight lifting in her division. [Read more…]

Prof. Dough Smith teaches his longtime passion

“Growing up I’ve always loved listening to radio as a young kid and since then my fascination with it grew,” said Professor Doug Smith, from Grantham, N.H.

He added “I had a piano teacher that actually worked in a radio station and I would spend most of my piano lesson actually talking to her about radio and I just found it to be very interesting.”

Most people know all about WNUB, the radio station on campus, but most people don’t know the person behind the station. Professor Doug Smith, who has been making the trek from New Hampshire to Northfield since 1999, runs WNUB from top to bottom as well as teaches communications courses on campus.

“When I was younger I use to mess around with short wave radios, crystal radios and always loved listening to music so that’s kind of where most of this started,” said Smith.

He was amazed at how radios work and his love for music only made his interest for radios much greater. [Read more…]

New center for writing is drawing students

Nearly one year ago, Bailey Beltramo sat in his barracks on the campus of Norwich University. The excitement of studying abroad in Ireland the following semester was starting to mount, and he was counting the days until he could leave snowy Vermont for the rolling hills of Ireland.

But before heading out, an opportunity to expand his resume and apply his knowledge of writing to help students presented itself. [Read more…]

A day on the job with George Sanders

It’s hard to find a man happier and more eager to serve on Norwich’s campus than George Sanders, one of the hard-working grounds crew.

The business of keeping Norwich University clean and landscaped falls to the team of blue-shirted personnel who can easily be seen walking around campus hard at work.

Mowing, shoveling, snow removal, room set ups, planting, and general outside upkeep are the duties of the grounds crew at Norwich University. It is not an easy task for the 11-member crew to keep all 1200 acres of Norwich land in pristine condition.

The strength of the grounds crew lies in the dedication and personal effort put forth by each employee and the coordination of information from their superiors – safe to say it’s no easy job.

“I love it, I’m outside working, inside, making everyone happy, seeing everyone smile,” said George Sanders, 34, who lives in Northfield. “I’ve been doing this work all my life, it comes naturally.” [Read more…]

Security policy class gets a D.C. tour

Behind Brad Hanson, the nation’s capital bustled with life as vehicle headlights illuminated the interstate. Inside the Residence Inn at Pentagon City, Hanson sat back in his chair and reflected on his time spent touring Washington D.C.

From the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, to the National Counter terrorism Center, Hanson and a select group of students visited various federal institutions that were located in and around Washington D.C.

The trip, facilitated by Norwich alumni as well as Yangmo Ku, a professor at Norwich University, took place during spring break and allowed his security policy class to gain a better understanding of how the government works, challenged students to overcome a made-up security policy scenario devised by the alumni, and connected current students with alums from Norwich.

“We saw stuff people don’t (normally) see,” Hanson said. [Read more…]