A rebuttal on Recognition

“Was recognition earned, or given?”  The March 9 issue of the Norwich Guidon had a commentary with that headline, written anonymously by a member of the Corps of Cadets. Here is the reason why the opinions in the commentary are not  a legitimate argument.

The definition of recognition for Rooks is that it is a performance-oriented, standards-based, class event which occurs early in the second semester of freshman year.  Recognition marks a key transition where the cadet leaders shift from training their recruits to leading and developing first-year cadets, with the goal of creating standards of performance that will be maintained throughout the remainder of their time at Norwich University.  All members of the class will be entitled to all first-year cadet privileges upon completion of the ceremony.

All freshmen in the class of 2020 have completed rook performance challenge tasks.  Approximately 3 percent of a class of over 600 rooks did not pass the Personal Fitness Test. Even with this shortcoming, I decided that they should be recognized and that they would continue their remedial training.  If they fail to pass the PFT as a sophomore, they will be put up for a Corps Separation Board.  We are an institution that grows individuals, and we expect greatness, yet often times, greatness does not happen overnight.  Sometimes it requires great leaders and a great amount of effort before it happens.


Cadet Colonel Erin Gats

Norwich University

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