It’s time to spice up student life at Norwich University

Assistant Editor Jasmine Bowman

When freshmen in the corps take on rookdom, they usually cannot leave campus unless they are a part of a sports team. That means from August to February, rooks cannot leave campus unless it’s family weekend, thanksgiving break, holiday break or some type of event.

That’s many consecutive days on campus which can probably get nerve-wracking.

However, it can also seem that way for civilians and/or upperclassmen in the corps. This is because many students lack transportation, parking is an ongoing problem, and it can feel like you are trapped here.

There is also a lack of activities on campus. I mean sure, we do have sports games, skating, swimming, movies, Shaw outdoor center, etc. But, what activities are there if none of that is going on or if students want to get off campus and don’t have transportation? They’re just stuck in their dorm with nothing to do if they’ve done all the homework.

There is a shuttle to go to Sugarbush ski resort but it is extremely expensive to go skiing and snowboarding there. Also, how do we have a shuttle to go there but not anywhere else?

You can walk off campus whenever, however there aren’t many places in Northfield to go. There is a commuter bus too, but it doesn’t run on weekends; it stops running at 5 p.m. and it only goes to Montpelier. Which means if your school day ends at 4 p.m. on a Friday, you simply can’t go to Montpelier and get back without transportation.

Here’s an idea: How about Norwich investing in a bus/shuttle for students. It’s only right to have an alternative for students, especially since the price tag on being a student here is around $52,000. We all know that this school is a prestigious military college, but we also know that it is sort of dead flat in the middle of nowhere (yes, it is Vermont, still…)

A bus/shuttle may also eliminate some of the parking stress by students wanting to leave their cars at home and settling instead for a shuttle ride. Maybe the shuttle could make stops in Northfield, at Berlin Mall, places in Burlington (such as the University Mall and Church Street), and places in Barre (such as the bowling alley), and of course Montpelier.

A fee most likely would be charged because nothing in Vermont is right down the street – although, we students would be clicking our heels if the shuttle happened to be free.

I do remember paying $25 to go to Boston on a coach bus my freshman year! What happened to that? I’d absolutely love to go to Boston by bus again, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one. There is no doubt most of us students love being at Norwich, and in the warm months, hanging out around the Dog River. However, sometimes we could use a break.

I can’t see how having the shuttle option would be a bad idea. It would also be useful for students who could use an internship outside of campus if it was run every day.

Even if the university decided the shuttle couldn’t run every day because, say, it costs too much, how about just run it on weekends and at other specific times? I say we, as students, should vote, write, demand this option. We pay enough, isn’t this the type of compensation we should get out of that $52,000 attendance price?

Or at least, let’s get some more activities around campus. Even repeating the same old activities gets old. As the campus is changing, let’s change student life too.

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