Norwich University dress code? What dress code?


Attending class wearing sweatpants and a hat seems normal among civilian students at Norwich University. The Corps of Cadets follows a strict uniform policy. However, it’s not common knowledge that the Student Rules and Regulations handbook also contains dress code policies for civilian students. The question is do civilian students even know these policies exist?

Kass Kazimierczak, 20, a junior civil engineering major from Adams, Mass., can be spotted on campus wearing jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater, and Converse sneakers on any given day. “I am always dressing comfortable,” said Kazimierczak, who, like many students, was unaware of a dress code for civilian students.

Kazimierczak’s choice of attire is in line with the civilian dress policies. However, many civilian students do not dress according to policy. Chapter three, section III: Dress and Grooming Standards, part B states: “Civilian students are expected to wear proper attire, appropriate to the occasion. All students will wear appropriate attire (e.g. slacks and a shirt, jeans and a tee shirt, jeans and a sweater) and shoes at all times in all academic and administrative buildings, classrooms, and in the dining hall.”


After reading the rules and regulations for civilian student dress, Kazimierczak pointed out places where students often break the dress code. “Girls always just wear Nike Pros to the dining hall,” said Kazimierczak., referring to the short athletic spandex shorts that are form fitting.

Denzel Moscova, 21, a senior business major from Trumbull, Conn., did know there was a dress code here at Norwich University but prefers to dress in athletic apparel.

“I am on the football team and many student athletes just wear athletic wear and their own sports team apparel, which are the most comfortable and ideal,” he said. Norwich University and sports team apparel can be purchased in the campus bookstore and many students like to represent their sport with what they wear.

Moscova agreed with Kazimierczak that “the number one place where you will see a civilian student violating the dress code is in the dining hall.”

Walk around campus and it is obvious the dress code for civilian students is not strictly enforced. It is very common to see hats in classrooms and in the dining hall. Many students choose to wear sweatpants or yoga pants.  Teachers and faculty do not enforce the policies of the dress code and if they do, it is few and far between.

Moscova recalls, “I had one teacher for a physical education course that did enforce the dress code and made it so the students in his class were not wearing hats and that girls weren’t wearing revealing clothing.”

Why do students break the rules? To be comfortable is often the answer. Nick Haffner, 24, a senior in engineering management from Harrisville R.I. said, “When I go to class or the dining hall I dress for comfort and usually wear athletic sweatpants and a t-shirt.”

Meghan DeLuca, 20, a junior biology major from Adams, Mass., is puzzled that students and the school ignore the standards.

“Why do we choose to overlook the standard for civilian dress at Norwich University?” she asks.  The obvious answer is that dress code for civilian students is not common knowledge to most civilian students. This lack of knowledge about the dress code means students wear whatever they choose. And it’s also true that civilian students are wearing what they want because teachers, faculty, and administration overall are not taking any action.


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