Hockey players hope a little ‘Fury’ will lead to a championship

Walking around the campus, you may see hockey team captain Alec Thieda and other players going around with a “Brad Pitt haircut.”

For those who have seen the movie “Fury,” starring Pitt, this haircut is very familiar. The Norwich men’s ice hockey team has adopted the star actor’s haircut to help them in their playoff push.

Thieda explained that a couple of players got what they called “the Fury haircut” and all the others hopped on. The men have previously done mustaches in the playoffs and in the National Hockey League, teams often grow playoff beards. But Norwich being a military school, mustaches are all that is allowed for cadets.

This year will be offbeat for the team as they have haircuts and mustaches. Thieda loves the haircuts and feels this may be something that can get the team closer for the playoffs.

“It’s something different (haircuts) that brings the team together and it’s nice to see the whole team getting involved and participating,” he said.

So far it seems to be working. The men held off Babson with a 3-2 win in overtime in a clean, closely fought game Saturday to take the ECAC championship and now will square off against Plymouth State in the first round of the NCAA championships.

Seniors like Corey Hale understand how fast the four years can go by. “I can remember my first day of freshman year here, and now being a senior, I realize how quick school and hockey goes, this is my last season playing hockey here, and to do something with our hair, might mean something special to us if we cap off this season the right way.”

“I can’t imagine what not only the other team but fans thought of our hair, if we can keep winning then we will keep the haircuts coming in the future,” senior Bryce Currier said.

Not everyone has the same type of haircut –some guy’s hair is different than others, but it’s all about the “team thing” as Thieda said.

Junior forward Dean Niezgoda, one of the starters of the haircut move, said he recently watched Fury and thought it would be a great idea to get the team involved.

“Austin (Surowiec) and I went last Sunday to get haircuts and we came back to school with the Brad Pitt buzz, at first some of the boys were not too sure, but the next day more than half the team had the haircut,” Niezgoda said. “It may seem like a stupid thing, but whatever can get us closer and help us win, we’ll take it.”

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