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Women’s lacrosse prepares for new season

The Norwich women's lacrosse team features a lot of young players, but team leaders make sure they fit in and learn the ropes.

The Norwich women’s lacrosse team features a lot of young players, but team leaders make sure they fit in and learn the ropes.

Three days into the start of their season and Leandra Flores-Nieves looks on as her teammates go through basic passing drills that many of them had done before. But for Flores-Nieves, an 18-year-old from Colorado Springs, Colo., this was not just the beginning of her first collegiate lacrosse season; it was the beginning of her first-ever lacrosse season. [Read more…]

Evolved alcohol policy

NU’s alcohol restriction has evolved into a policy over time into what it is now for a series of reasons, according to staff and older NU rules and regulations. [Read more…]

President’s Corner

Norwich prides itself in educating the whole person – mind, body, and character. For that reason, Norwich offers students a wealth of opportunities to broaden their education in varied and interesting ways, both inside and outside the classroom. [Read more…]

Corps of Cadets recognizes 2014 rook class

At 11:04 p.m. on Feb. 1, 2015, the rook class of 2014 was recognized into the Norwich University Corps of Cadets by Cadet Col. Reagan Steen, the Corps’ regimental commander. 

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A Super Bowl, a super New England day

Last Sunday was a huge night for Norwich students, featuring not only recognition of the rook class but a sports day to remember for the Boston-area-sports-fan laden student body.

The New England Patriots capped off their run to a historic fourth Super Bowl victory in eight tries by defeating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.

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Mileage payments now available for students who have NU internships

Even with today’s lower gas prices, many Norwich students find it difficult to pay for the gas it takes to travel back and forth to their internships. Three trips to Burlington a week can add up fast. This year the Norwich University Career Development Center received a grant from the Vermont Department of Labor to reimburse students for at least part of their gas mileage. [Read more…]

Climate change is a hot topic

In recent months, the topic of climate change has once again caught the attention of world leaders.

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New Sodexo management aims to please

The new semester has brought a new manager to Sodexo at Norwich University and three different management positions have been filled as Sodexo tries to improve dining operations and meet the needs of students.

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Pros, cons to NU’s month-long winter break

Norwich gives students a month-long break after the first semester ends. For some students it’s a welcome respite but others would like to see it shortened for a host of reasons.

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Kreitzberg Library renovations under way

Since its completion 22 years ago, the Kreitzberg Library has served as a nucleus of learning at Norwich University, and the school has now begun major renovations to improve it by introducing new technology, places for collaborative learning and social spaces.

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