New student philanthropy council steps up efforts

Norwich students will be recording video and flooding the Internet Wednesday as part of a day-long thank-a-thon spread throughout the campus.

Members of the Norwich University Student Philanthropy Council (NUSPC) will take part in events at major hubs of the school as part of Thank A Giver (TAG) day in conjunction with the second annual Student Engagement Philanthropy Month.

Daniel DeLiberato, assistant director of class giving, explained that NUSPC was founded in 2014, in coordination with the “Year of Service for the Bicentennial Campaign”. The NUSPC is an undergraduate organization that works in partnership with Norwich’s alumni relations and class giving offices.”

At the beginning of each semester emails were sent to the student body and flyers are posted around campus seeking volunteers from each class to join NUSPC. “It’s never too late to join, just visit my office,” said DeLiberato, located on the fourth floor of Jackman Hall.

The NUSPC is in its infant stages, starting just a year ago by the University, but has gained steam in the past month, according to Mickey Walbridge, 19, a sophomore computer science major from Modesto, Cal., and a member of NUSPC.
Joining the NUSPC is a way to understand that private supporters of Norwich are, “essentially making sure that we have a chance” to get an education, Walbridge said.

“The NUSPC is made up of students from every grade level,” said Walbridge. With support from the office of class giving, “we work on fundraising not only for our class, but the school, the community, and for Norwich University.”
Each future graduating class has the potential to be involved, explained Walbridge. Although each class will work primarily with their own class year, they will convene at least once a month in order to mark progress in current fundraising campaigns as well as work on the future.

“The group seeks to better the University community by fostering relationships between current students and graduates, fostering school spirit and educating undergraduate students about the benefits and importance of a life-long relationship,” DeLiberato said.
Norwich will be one of over 100 institutions of higher learning around the globe taking part in the CASE ASAP initiative on Wednesday (Feb. 25) which aims to, “foster and enhance student involvement in all areas of advancement—including fundraising, alumni relations, communications and marketing,” DeLiberato said. CASE (The Council for Advancement and Support of Education ) works in conjunction education professionals to help them bolster the relationship with their alumni and donors.

According to the CASE website, the program started in 1992 and has changed its name several times since.
CASE ASAP’s goal is to “foster and enhance student involvement in all areas of advancement from alumni relations and communications to fundraising, marketing and related areas,” according to

“We are thrilled to partner with CASE ASAP for the first time to spread the message that philanthropy and volunteer support are cornerstones of the higher education experience,” said Carolyn Roesler, Director of Class Giving.

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