Mileage payments now available for students who have NU internships

Even with today’s lower gas prices, many Norwich students find it difficult to pay for the gas it takes to travel back and forth to their internships. Three trips to Burlington a week can add up fast. This year the Norwich University Career Development Center received a grant from the Vermont Department of Labor to reimburse students for at least part of their gas mileage.

Students who apply through Norwich’s Internship Coordinator can receive 25 cents per mile for every mile that they drive over their first 20 miles. That means, for example, a student could get $20 for each time he or she makes a round trip to Burlington for their internship. In most cases, that will pay for all their gas.
According to Norwich Internship Coordinator Jim Graves, the school lost out on the grant last year and it made things a lot harder for students driving to Burlington. One student incurred over $900 in gas expenses last spring semester. The total grant amount is $12,000, and Graves is hoping that will serve at least 50 students this year. In order for Norwich University to receive the grant, which was available to colleges, secondary schools, and non-profit organizations, applicants had to demonstrate need for the money. In Norwich’s case, that need was primarily caused by our lack of businesses and agencies in our immediate area.
Because of Norwich’s rural location, travel expenses play a significant role in students’ decisions whether or not to undertake internships. Students in many of our most popular majors have a difficult time finding degree-appropriate internships nearby in the Central Vermont area. For example, opportunities for students in our Criminal Justice program—Norwich’s most popular—are much more available in Chittenden Country than in towns surrounding Northfield, which have a small number of police departments and no major federal presence. Similarly, our Engineering and Construction Management students often look to large Burlington-based companies like UTC Aerospace Systems, Champlain Cable, and PC Construction for internships.
Internships continue to be one of the best ways to find, land, and keep a full time job after graduation. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), two out of three students who get a job right after graduation have had one or more internships. NACE also determined that 75 percent of employees who were hired out of internships were retained after one year compared to 60 percent of those who didn’t.
If you are interested in benefitting from the mileage reimbursement funds available through the Vermont Department of Labor grant, or if you’d just like to talk about internships, contact Jim Graves in the Career Development Center at 802-485-2269, or email The Norwich University Career Development Center is located in the Wise Campus Center, Room 232.

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