Army, Navy ROTC hold annual Dining-Ins

Keeping with age-old military traditions, the Norwich Army and Naval ROTC battalions held their annual dining-ins on Friday, Feb. 13.

The dining-in is a formal event with origins dating back to Viking feasts to celebrate great victories.
The modern dining-in is a social event that fosters unit cohesion and morale.
Norwich University’s Army ROTC department holds its annual dining-in for senior cadets who will commission in May.
Perhaps due to the large size of Norwich’s Army ROTC department, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are not invited to the event.
This year, the Army cadre and the 80 soon-to-be-commissioned senior cadets came together in Milano Ballroom for a night of food and fun.
Brig. Gen. Frank Muth, the director of the Army Quadrennial Defense Review, was the guest of honor at the Army ROTC dining-in. Muth graduated from Norwich University in 1986 and became an Army aviator.

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