A new Guidon editor, and his thoughts on the disgrace that hit the UP 500

Welcome back may be a bit overdue, but seeing as this is our first issue back from winter break, I’ll say it anyway.

I’m the paper’s new editor, Liam Carroll. Our last editor graduated in December, so I’m taking over this semester. I’ll admit that I’ve already had my share of difficulties, but I’m committed to bringing you all something worth reading.

I was going to include an article on the UP500 in this issue of The Guidon; however, I decided to hold off until the next issue (Feb. 19) as investigations are currently taking place, and I want to give you all the results, instead of telling you what you already know or may have heard.

What we know is this: official investigations into the conduct of some cadets are under way. I’ve heard of people throwing powdered bleach, trash cans, and beer bottles at runners.

Sgt. Maj. Rooney had this to say about those people: “You guys took a great tradition, and you trashed it.”

I’ll add this: I hope you get what you deserve.

On a more positive note, congratulations to this year’s rook class on your recognition. The journey doesn’t end here, so keep working hard.

Finally, and most importantly, congratulations to the New England Patriots on winning Super Bowl XLIX!


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