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A Clear Message: Seek help if you’re stressed or depressed

With the recent suicide of a student at Norwich, the availability of counseling help and services at the university has suddenly risen on everyone’s radar.
But for some students, there is a social stigma associated with the Norwich Counseling Service, which can lead to people not talking about problems or seeking help during times of need. Other students say that the school doesn’t do enough to stress what kind of help is available when depression, stress or other issues strike.
“Counseling means you have problems; you have issues,” says Shaquile Adams ’14, Unit Marketing Manager for Sodexo and recent Norwich graduate with a degree in psychology. “We don’t like to let people know we have issues. We try to keep up with the Jones’.”
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Concerns raised about fate of ‘Rook Week’ video

A request by the university’s top communications official to review the rook week video has raised concerns that the celebrated filming tradition may be discontinued. [Read more…]

Norwich students take part in ‘Restorative Justice’ exercise

On Oct. 16, the Criminal Justice Honors Society along with several other Norwich students participated in Barre’s Restorative Justice Simulation at the Barre Justice Center. [Read more…]

Norwich has growing number of ‘hybrid’ classes

Pay close attention as you read your syllabi at the start of next semester: You may be surprised by what you read as you find out you are enrolled in a “hybrid” class. These classes, a combination of classroom and online digital work, are now being offered at Norwich University in addition to other online class options. [Read more…]

Norwich alum and Army Col. gains dream of coaching football

In August of 2014, the Norwich University football team added an alum and military veteran to its coaching staff, and this member has undergone a huge transition from the military to the football field. [Read more…]

Norwich football bringing in Canadian athletes

The recruiting process for the Norwich University football program has taken itself not only past the bounds of New England, but out of the United States and across the border. [Read more…]

Women’s basketball prepares for 2014-2015 season

After the Norwich Women’s Basketball team ended last season with a winning 15-13 record, players are eager to finish number one in their division and bring home the trophy this season, according to the head coach. [Read more…]

Norwich men’s ice hockey team begins upcoming season with high hopes

The 2014-2015 Norwich University men’s hockey team is ready to make a run at another national championship, according to one of the three team captains. [Read more…]

Men’s rugby works for nationals bid

The men’s rugby team faces a mountainous challenge if they
want to get a bid to nationals, but the squad is primed and ready to
tackle this arduous undertaking.
To get a bid, the team must win the [Read more…]