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November offers reason to give thanks

The month of November is significant in our culture for a couple of reasons—the first of which is Veterans Day.
As you witnessed last week, Veterans Day presents an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of the men and women who defend the freedoms you and I enjoy. [Read more…]

Key ROTC officers issue a strong joint message: There is no stigma in seeking counseling help

As the commanding officers of the Naval, Army, and Air Force ROTC programs at Norwich, we three senior officers ultimately control who becomes a military officer in the United States Armed Forces and who doesn’t. As such, we strongly disagree with the comment made in the 6 Nov Guidon as it pertains to a perceived stigma attached to—or a bias against—commission-seeking cadets who also seek counseling. To the contrary, we admire the judgment and courage of those who seek help when they need it. Knowing when you need counsel and taking action to get it shows strength, not weakness. We also want to expose as false any suspicion that we monitor or keep some sort of records on those seeking counseling. On our honor, we do not and will not. [Read more…]

Colin Powell: A visit to remember



The Todd Lecture Series (TLS) and Norwich University welcomed an honored guest and lecturer on campus Tuesday, Nov. 11, who also observed in the remembrance ceremony held in honor of Veterans Day. [Read more…]

Faculty uniforms: A long-standing tradition

The Vermont State Militia (VSM) uniforms worn by full-time faculty at Norwich University have a long tradition behind them – and sometimes a touch of controversy when students think faculty don’t follow rules or show the uniform enough respect. [Read more…]

A welcoming home means a lot to left-behind rooks

Norwich University is a private military college, which means that like at other private military colleges, the freshmen here have a different first year than other college freshmen and sometimes need to escape. As someone who has gone through Rookdom, I can say that it is rewarding – but honestly, about as much fun as standing in the ice and snow while some random person you barely know screams at you. In fact, that exact situation happens a lot here at Norwich University. [Read more…]

Legacy march raises money for veterans



In 2010, Jonathan Schoef and Victoria Amador. two Norwich students, expanded on a hallmark feature of the Norwich education founded by Capt. Alden Partridge. “Alden Partridge used to take students out on long excursions,” explained Brendan Kane, a junior Chinese major from Manchester, N.H. This age-old tradition is now known as the Legacy March. [Read more…]

Pros, cons seen in coaching two different sports at Norwich

Norwich University is home to three coaches who coach multiple sports. Two of those coaches are head coaches, and one is even at the helm of two varsity programs. Holding down two coaching jobs is not an easy thing to do, because of the time-consuming nature of being a full-time collegiate coach. [Read more…]

Norwich students welcome hunting season

Here in Vermont, fall means more than football and the first snows. The bow hunting season has just ended for whitetail deer, waterfowl, such as ducks and geese, are in season and now Vermont is in the midst of rifle season for deer hunters. [Read more…]

A promising start to men’s hockey season

After besting a Plymouth State team 9-1 and Saint Michael’s College 4-1 to start the season, the Cadets have now won five in a row. The men’s hockey team captain credits their wins to playing “great defensive games.” [Read more…]

NU Ultimate Frisbee team hopes to join league

The Norwich Ultimate Frisbee club is taking strides towards becoming more than just a club as they work to join the USA Ultimate (USAU) league this year to compete against other schools, according to the club president. [Read more…]