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Cyberbullying case hits Norwich; ‘Yik Yak’ app blocked on campus

The popular social app Yik Yak took the Norwich campus by storm in September, and then was soon blocked because of cyberbullying in a case that made the national newswires.

The popular social app Yik Yak took the Norwich campus by storm in September, and then was soon blocked because of cyberbullying in a case that made the national newswires.

In the wake of a case of cyberbullying at Norwich against a number of students, top officials at the university have launched an investigation into the situation.

According to a university statement, “No official reports of criminal behavior have been made, and law enforcement is not involved in the investigation.”

But Norwich’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Frank Vanecek, and. Peter Stephenson, chief information security officer at Norwich, both confirmed to the Guidon that a probe is taking place into harassing comments made on the social app Yik Yak.

Yik Yak allows users to post comments anonymously but it requires a cell phone number and, said Stephenson, users are not truly anonymous. “Nothing ever goes away on the Internet,” said Stephenson, adding that “Given the time and the resources, I can track anybody.”

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$6.5 million overhaul of Kretitzberg Library set to begin; renovation driven by digital changes in study and use

Starting after final exams in December 2014, the university will launch a major $6.5 renovation of NU’s Kreitzberg library.

The effort will not only dramatically change the interior structure but officials expect it will affect the way the library, built in 1993 at a cost of $8.1 million, is used by students on campus. It is being overseen by a special committee established by the board of trustees.

“If you look at how the library’s designed, it’s more designed for individual use as opposed to group use,” Associate Director of General Library Services Greg Sauer said. Currently, the library is only capable of seating 10 percent of the student population, in comparison to the 20 percent average of 18 “similar institutions,” according to Chief Administration Officer David Magida.

As part of the Bicentennial Celebration’s “Forging the Future” campaign, with architecture plans from Jones Architecture and Gund Partnership, the library will transition from a “’Cathedral to the book” to (a) “Cathedral to learning” atmosphere, which will provide a more open, visible, and inviting atmosphere in the library with “new lighting, new ceiling, new furniture, new frieze, new flooring, (and) room availability screens” that will provide a “comfortable learning environment”, according to Magida.

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Remembering Connor “Cheech” Roberts

Connor Roberts

Connor Roberts

Connor Roberts, a Norwich University lacrosse and football player, passed away on June, 17, from an apparent heart attack, according to final health reports. [Read more…]

A new issue, a new look

Hello, and welcome to the first issue of The Guidon for this school year. My name is Jake DeHaven and I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Guidon. I’m a criminal justice major in my senior year on “the hill”. I am a member of the Corps of Cadets, holding the rank of Cadet First Lieutenant as a member of the Second Battalion staff. Last year, I worked as a copy editor for our newspaper, discovering my interest in journalism. This year I am excited to lead The Guidon into another great year here at NU.
In this new school year, the efforts of our staff will be devoted to updating and refreshing The Guidon. We hope to build on the greatly increased readership from last year to better connect with the Norwich campus community. First of all, we have moved to a new tabloid-style layout for reader convenience. In addition, we are working to add new content to the paper such as reader-submitted articles, polls, letters to the editor, and reader commentary on current events and interests. I would like to stress the involvement of our campus in this newspaper. We are accepting content submissions from anyone, be it an opinion piece, special interest piece, or anything of the sort. If someone would be interested in writing a column on advice, humor, technology, or anything else, that would also be encouraged. The Guidon is in need of a cartoonist to be featured in each issue of the paper.
I would like to again emphasize this year’s initiative to include reader-developed content. Please do not hesitate to submit any comments, requests, or ideas, or articles to myself or any of The Guidon’s staff. My email address is I am honored to serve as the editor for our newspaper. With your help, this can be the best version to date. Let’s make it a great year!

Sullivan Museum earns Smithsonian affiliation

Norwich University’s Sullivan Museum and History Center (SMHC) was named as a Smithsonian Affiliate and is the first military university’s museum and the first museum in Vermont out of the 196 affiliates in the program, according to the museum’s director.
The SMHS is one of three universities in the affiliate program to date since the programs beginning in 1996, Sarah Henrich, Director, Sullivan Museum and History Center said. [Read more…]

NU ranked 9th fittest college in country

Norwich University creates physically fit students in both the civilian and military life style on campus. “We do have a very active student body,” stated the N.U. Director of Athletics, Tony Mariano.
Staying physically active “is something they enjoy doing,” said Mariano. “Many of our college students here at Norwich value fitness.” [Read more…]

NU adjusts to losing substance abuse counselor

Norwich University’s decision to cut its director of health and wellness as part of a cost-saving effort last May has left the school without anyone to oversee issues of alcohol and substance abuse. [Read more…]

Norwich Band will travel to NYC for St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The Norwich band, after almost two centuries, will be performing for their second time in NYC for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. “The band is looking forward to representing Norwich University,” according to the band director. [Read more…]

From turf to the battlefield: commissioning linebackers

For the 2014 season campaign, the Norwich University football team has four commissioned officers suiting up. Two of which are the starting inside-linebackers for the Cadets. [Read more…]

Freshmen to be key factor in women’s hockey success

Last years Norwich University’s Women’s Hockey team made an appearance in the NCAA Championship and will attempt to make a return with a staggering 15 freshman on a team, which will “rely on teamwork and general leadership,” according to some of the team’s freshman.
This year’s number of freshman “makes it difficult to get a greater connection with the team,” said 20 year old freshman forward Christine Bouchat, an exercise science major from Montreal, Quebec. “There are usually three to five freshman skaters each year,” Bouchat added, which is three times less the amount of freshman on this year’s NU team than last year’s. [Read more…]