Norwich Band will travel to NYC for St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The Norwich band, after almost two centuries, will be performing for their second time in NYC for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. “The band is looking forward to representing Norwich University,” according to the band director.

This will be the second time since 2009 that the regimental band has performed in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The band will be heading down Tuesday, March 15 and returning the following evening.
The parade will be televised on the BBC on March 17, 2015, starting at 11 a.m.
There will be 55 cadets playing in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The band will be performing down Fifth Avenue.
By then, all current rooks should be recognized. However, Joe Dami, a 19-year-old sophomore and criminal justice major at Norwich University who hails from Whitefield, New Hampshire, and who plays the Euphonium (small tuba), said “ the rooks if not recognized yet, will be in an at-ease environment, but still show and render proper courtesy to upper classmen.”
This is Dami’s second year in the band. He is looking forward to playing in the parade since it will be his first time in this event.
Dami said, “ I am looking forward to the parade. It will be the biggest event yet that I have participated in. I am excited to see the city as well, since it will be my first time being able to see it. The band and I plan on viewing the historical sites and museums after the parade.”
Since this event is several months away, Norwich Band Director, Todd Edwards, has not come up with a budget yet. Because this event does not take place until next March, Edwards said, “we are getting ready for the event, but there are other competitions and events we must practice for, beforehand.”
Since the budget has not been determined yet, the hotel the band will be staying at is yet to be undetermined. Edwards said, “We will decide on a hotel based on the price.”
The band gained this opportunity by applying for the event. The band recently also played for the inauguration of President Obama.
This will be another event to demonstrate the discipline and professionalism of Norwich University.
Transportation to and from the parade will be via bus according to Edwards. Even though the band is smaller than most bands performing at the parade, Edwards said, “We will be held to a high standard that demonstrates our professionalism and musical ability.”
Max Junkins, a 19-year old sophomore at Norwich University, who is a computer security major from Annapolis, Maryland, and a percussionist in the band, is also looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It is his second year with the band and first major event. Junkins is looking forward to seeing NYC since this will also be his first visit to “The Big Apple.”
There will be many other band members who have never been to NYC, and all seem excited to be able to participate in the parade, and see the city. Whether or not they have participated in events like this before, all members are excited to receive this opportunity.
As the oldest collegiate band in the nation, the Norwich Regimental band is proud to be once again marching with distinction and upholding the University’s highest values.

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