A new issue, a new look

Hello, and welcome to the first issue of The Guidon for this school year. My name is Jake DeHaven and I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Guidon. I’m a criminal justice major in my senior year on “the hill”. I am a member of the Corps of Cadets, holding the rank of Cadet First Lieutenant as a member of the Second Battalion staff. Last year, I worked as a copy editor for our newspaper, discovering my interest in journalism. This year I am excited to lead The Guidon into another great year here at NU.
In this new school year, the efforts of our staff will be devoted to updating and refreshing The Guidon. We hope to build on the greatly increased readership from last year to better connect with the Norwich campus community. First of all, we have moved to a new tabloid-style layout for reader convenience. In addition, we are working to add new content to the paper such as reader-submitted articles, polls, letters to the editor, and reader commentary on current events and interests. I would like to stress the involvement of our campus in this newspaper. We are accepting content submissions from anyone, be it an opinion piece, special interest piece, or anything of the sort. If someone would be interested in writing a column on advice, humor, technology, or anything else, that would also be encouraged. The Guidon is in need of a cartoonist to be featured in each issue of the paper.
I would like to again emphasize this year’s initiative to include reader-developed content. Please do not hesitate to submit any comments, requests, or ideas, or articles to myself or any of The Guidon’s staff. My email address is jdehaven@stu.norwich.edu. I am honored to serve as the editor for our newspaper. With your help, this can be the best version to date. Let’s make it a great year!


  1. robert crecco '47 says:

    Congratulations as Editor-in-Chief of the Norwich Guidon. You have a good agenda; bring in more contributing writers and a columnist or two.

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