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Norwich Alumnus taps into his pride

081114_OC_14th Star Brewery Steve G-39Norwich University has a long list of notable and prosperous alumni to be proud of: seven Medal of Honor recipients, a number of military generals, the architect of the trans-continental railway, even a former Chief of Staff of the Army to President Bush.

The newest addition to the list? An established beer brewer. Steve Gagner is an alum from the graduating class of 2003 and current Army National Guard Captain. He is also the founder and current owner of 14th Star Brewery and will be an integral part in these next four years of the Forging the Future campaign that Norwich University has embarked upon. [Read more…]

Mysteries of Sullivan Museum unveiled

sullivan_tiger_skull1Crossing the entrance into Norwich University’s Sullivan Museum and History Center (SMHC), visitors can view many artifacts but a few really stand out.

“We definitely have some really bizarre things in the collection,” said Sarah Henrich, Director of the Sullivan Museum and History Center. “Take a special look at the grass skirt. Because that’s the married ladies grass skirt. That’s the six-inch one.”

“Unmarried Pacific Islander women wore a shorter four-inch skirt,” Heinrich said.
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Leadership minor opportunity revived

A new minor has found its way into the 2014 curriculum at Norwich University, and it’s not the first time. It’s on leadership, and is available for all students no matter their year, says the Co-Chair of the new Leadership Committee.

“There used to be a minor of leadership here at Norwich 15 years ago but it didn’t stay; it kind of fell apart. There just wasn’t really a lot of interest at that time, but there is now,” said Prof. Michael Kelley, who is also a professor of civil engineering.
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Norwich’s drill team aims for first-place gold in competition

The Norwich Drill Team is already preparing for its highlight competition at Tulane University in New Orleans. They have gotten second place for the past five years, but are determined to take first place this upcoming February, said the Drill Team’s company commander, Rod Torres.

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Newly restarted shooting team is on target

The Norwich University Shooting Team is comparatively new, only being founded this past April, but it is gaining in enthusiasm and skills and hopes to do well in competitions.

Matthew Latter, 23, a senior studies of war and peace major from Bradley, Mass., and vice president of the team, says a lot of new eager shooters have joined up.

“The (people) who are going to start shooting really well, and we’ll see that in the next month or two, are the people who haven’t shot before,” he said, He attributes the growth in skills of these young shooters to the great teaching they have received.

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Regimental Ball: New changes, old traditions


At Norwich University, the annual Regimental Ball is about, “celebrating the seniors and their last year, and an event for the entire corps to come together,” said Melissa Rome, 22, a senior criminal justice major from Enfield, Conn. [Read more…]

High hopes for NU’s men’s soccer team

After eight consecutive victories, the Norwich University Men’s Soccer team was looking to maintain its first place spot in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference by continuing the season with a strong work ethic and playing consistently, say the team’s players.
So far this season NU men’s soccer, “is doing better than expected especially after losing a lot of key guys last year,” said Derek Morin, 21, a senior athletic training major and midfielder on the team from South Paris, Maine. “We have had a lot of newcomers (this year) and they have blended in pretty well chemistry wise,” Morin said.

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A lot of history lies behind Norwich’s alcohol policy

IMG_0851Norwich University’s current guides on alcohol use have been evolving for a long time, and for a number of reasons, according to staff and a look at older NU rules and regulations.

The first printed restriction of alcohol, referred to as “spirituous liquor,” was in the Internal Regulations section of the school’s 1837 Prospectus, which was an older version of the Student Rules and Regulations. Before, the Internal Regulations section of Prospectus only vaguely restricted cadets from conducting actions contrary to, “true principles of correct military discipline.”

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ECFC recognizes Norwich football players

Two Norwich football players – Wesley Medeiros and Al Georgio – received conference awards from the Eastern Collegiate Football Conference (ECFC) in well-deserved fashion, according to fellow teammates.
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Confronting Tragedy

I would like to start by thanking those who have shown interest in contributing to the Guidon. I hope everyone enjoyed our first issue. There are many new features on the way. However, we must move on to discuss a more solemn topic.
The recent turn of events has truly put life in perspective for many of us here on the hill. As we head into Mid-Semester Break, with many students going home, it is important that we cherish our friends and loved ones. Even so, let us not forget those on our campus. A smile or a kind word can really make a difference.
Also, there is help for those who need it on our campus. The Norwich University Counseling and Psychological Services Department is located in the Kreitzburg Library, in Suite 405. A team of caring professionals is standing by to administer a wide variety of mental health services, from counseling to psychological testing. To receive assistance, simply stop by during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or call 802-485-2134 to schedule an appointment. However, the resources do not end there. Reverend Wick is always available, whether in his office in the White Chapel, or at his home just down the street. At the very least, find a friend, professor, or student leader to talk to. Norwich cares.