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That’s what she said…

At Norwich University, some people call me “Ma’am” or “Eaton.” Some call me more informal names like “Elle” or “Ari”. Others call me more colorful and unpublishable names. And, if I was successful here in my four years, all will use one from each category at some point (hopefully ending with the more friendly of the three). [Read more…]

President’s Corner

The Class of 1923 is credited with having established what is arguably the most revered tradition at Norwich University today: the Class Ring. More than 90 years ago, Class of 1923 members R. T. Wilson, F. I. Styles and E. F. Marchant had a vision for what the ring would symbolize—a vision that has stood the test of time. They wrote, “This ring will then mean as much to the [the person] wearing it as [their Norwich] diploma, and once the custom is started and lived up to every year, the alumni will appreciate more and more what a ring of this nature stands for. It is hoped that the following classes will follow the steps the Class of 1923 has taken, and make the Norwich ring a true Norwich tradition.” [Read more…]