That’s what she said…

Often times here at The Guidon, we are asked (and ask of ourselves) what is “the student voice”? It is a term I hear even when it is not directly spoken. Regardless, it is said in daily conversations in the Chow Hall. It is written in the SGA’s legislation. It is whispered in the library and blared out during the UP 500. It is sung during Karaoke Night and danced to at Junior Ring Ball. All of those voices, conversations, movements, and songs contribute to “the student voice.”

We, The Guidon staff, consider ourselves to be the medium through which our peers can express themselves and their voices. You create the stories that we write, layout, and publish for you to read. We are not perfect, we do not always have clear sentence structure or perfect spelling. But our stories are true and relevant to our lives here.

It has come up, more recently, that some think our newspaper is no longer necessary. But I say that is wrong. We are the student voice. We are the tangible link between the student body and the administration. We are the web link between the students and the rest of the world. We are the glimpse of our campus culture that you can hold in your hands twice a month.

We represent Norwich as it is today. Our mistakes serve as evidence to remind our readers that we are students too. Students who make mistakes, try to learn from them; they are not seasoned editors or writers out of touch with the trials and tribulations of college life. We connect with you, our readership. We connect with the faculty and the staff for the same reason. Why else would they be here at this prime educational establishment other than for their love for the students and the desire to teach? Maybe even for their own desire to learn and stay current.

I can tell you that as the Editor-in-Chief, I have learned a lot this year about not only editing, but managing: Managing my life as a student, as a dependable figure for my subordinates and peers (even my leadership) to rely upon. I can safely say that I do not speak for myself when I tell you how much this little paper means to me. How much our readers mean to me. These articles are not my own, I did not write them, but they represent a piece of me as much as they do a piece of every NU community member.

I hope that our little paper continues on and keeps our traditions alive. Norwich forever.

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