A new commander for the Corps of Cadets

One of the great pleasures as president of Norwich University is the opportunity to pick the new regimental commander. I often look at the photos posted on the second deck of Jackman Hall and reflect on how each of our past regimental commanders brought unique qualities to the Corps of Cadets. This year I chose my 23rd regimental commander, Cadet Command Sgt. Maj. Regan C. Steen.

Cadet Steen is a biochemistry major from Eastpointe, Mich., who is contracted to commission through the Army ROTC program. I am confident she will follow in the tradition of past regimental commanders and use her excellent leadership skills to guide the Corps of Cadets in the 2014/2015 academic year.

As part of the selection process, I had an opportunity to interview four strong candidates, all of whom I feel could have done a fine job as regimental commander. In addition to Regan Steen, I interviewed Erik Avery, Jerome Blain, and Nicholas Bailey. These students will get wonderful jobs in the regiment as they are all positioned high on the Order of Merit List (OML).

A small luncheon was held for the candidates along with the commandant’s staff and the dean of students, where I announced my regimental commander decision. During this luncheon, a discussion was held concerning what we hope the Corps leadership team will accomplish next year in order to bring the regiment to the next level.

Areas of improvement identified during our discussion included: continuing to increase Corps’ standards and making the standards explicitly known to everyone; holding the cadets accountable to the Corps standards – including friends and classmates; and continuing to build morale and pride in the regiment.

Capt. Partridge created the regiment to provide an environment in which to learn, grow and practice leadership skills. With this thought in mind, we also discussed working with Tracey Poirier, vice president of student affairs, to roll out the four-year leadership program. Finally, we covered the topic of improving the academic performance of the rooks.

I am very proud of the fact that, over the last several years, the Corps has continued to improve upon its professionalism and dedication to being good leaders for the underclassmen. I expect that this next group of Corps officers will work to raise the bar even higher in order to achieve excellence.

I commend all four of the cadet colonel finalists for passing their boards and making it to this level of review. The Corps of Cadets will be in good hands under their leadership.

I spoke with Dean of Students Martha Mathis, and she is putting her executive team together as I write this article. An announcement will be coming out in the near future identifying the new civilian student leaders. Once the team is finalized, we will hold a luncheon for both the Corps and civilian leadership groups. It is important that these students get to know each other well, as they will be working together next year to lead our university.


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