That’s what she said…

As the Editor-in-Chief of The Guidon, I feel it my duty as well as my privilege to explain the publication of our last issue on Nov. 21.

First off, I would like to thank Pres. Richard Schneider for his continued support of The Guidon. Nothing makes me more proud to be a Norwich Cadet than when we have the support of our administration as we, the students, live and learn through our four years here on the Hill.

As a communications major, a published journalist, and the head of the student leadership behind The Guidon, I often refer back to the basic question that governs everything we do at the paper when making key decisions on our content: what is the media?

To me, the media is a living part of the people. It preserves a populations ideals, memories, and history.

We at The Guidon, while providing the campus with a a tangible classroom for our reporters and staff, expose the views of various parts of our readership and bring to light bits and pieces of “the bigger picture.”

To some, the article “Sex and Virginity: Guys Tell All,” by Stacey Avnes, published in our last issue of The Guidon, was controversial and even distasteful. This article, however, was legitimate and perfectly fit for publication by journalistic standards. It revealed a snapshot of how male students view a very relevant topic. It is a part of our culture, perhaps not a favorable part, but a message worth hearing nonetheless.

As a result of its publication, Pres. Schneider is looking at the bigger picture, the welfare of the students, and how we as a school can improve.

The same idea applies to our other controversial topic, the ‘McGangBang’ story, which told about a vulgar name for a McDonald’s sandwich.

While arguably ridiculous, it is as Pres. Schneider said, a piece of “pop culture.” We are students and pop culture is a part of our culture as young people.

This was a topic selected by a student which others talk about, which allows it to fall under the interests of our readership. While I will not argue for its decency, I will stand by its legitimacy.

Often, we do stories about life on campus, from dorm damage to events. These topics reveal a little something about out audience, what they are interested in and what they care about.

I understand why someone would be offended by the publication of those particular articles, why they would surprise or even disgust a reader, but we want you to think. We hope that you react and consider the ‘why’ behind the obvious point. Why would a reporter, a student, choose this topic and what does it say without saying it outright?

Media takes the good, the bad, and the ugly and lays it out for the public. We inform. We record. We incite change.


  1. “Pres. Schneider is looking at the bigger picture, the welfare of the students, and how we as a school can improve.”

    He’s hoping to not hurt anyones “Feels” at a military school… but I’m all for “We inform. We record. We incite change.” THAT NEEDS TO BE THE GUIDONS NEW LOGO!

    Writing until it gets censored. Gotta love this place. We shouldn’t care if people get offended. Its our job to inform with a non-bias opinion. News is news. We’re not selling hopes and dreams, we’re selling facts.


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