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On Tues. Nov. 5, Norwich paid respects to our American veterans, past and present, with the Veterans Day Observance Ceremony.

During this parade, the Corps of Cadets marches to honor those service members who have come before the many Norwich students who will follow them in the constant fight for freedom.

In this issue, we have a special story about a young man and Norwich student named Chris Pond. Pond is a specialist in the Massachusetts National Guard who is currently on deployment overseas as a part of the Global War on Terrorism.

This young man, who I was a corporal cadre for when he was a Rook, is one example of Norwich’s legacy of military service. He is out, standing on foreign soil, protecting us just as his brethren in arms have done for centuries before him.

For those of us not destined to wear the uniform beyond Norwich, we all share some connection to this ceremony. I, for example, am the daughter of a veteran. After 32 years of service and two wars, my father gave all that he could to defend his nation. I was just lucky enough to have him come home every time. Not everyone is that lucky.

To the friends of, family of, or the veterans themselves, – thank you for your service.

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