Paintball club hosts tournament adventure on Paine Mountain

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A paintball participant runs for cover.

For all students at Norwich University, time management is a huge factor when it comes to their success. With all of the time put into schoolwork students may want to blow off steam on the weekends.

The Norwich University Paintball team has been hosting open sessions on Sundays at Paine Mountain offering their time to be referees for all students willing to “wage war.”

Tim Annese, a 19 year-old sophomore from Newton, Mass., majoring in communications, said “it’s fun spending time up on Paine Mountain, we get to teach people how to play and make sure they are being safe at the same time.”

Paintball is played with a gun, facemask, and paintballs, with the office of Gen. Frank Vanecek generously donating the gear, with help from the retention committee.

The paintball club has also been using these events to help fund their team by the user fee when people show up at the Shaw Center. A fee of $10 buys people 500 rounds of paint, and the usage of a gun and mask and all of the money goes to help fund the club.

Rory O’Neil, a 20 year-old junior criminal justice major from Newton, Mass., said, “we really needed an event like this, all the extra money we get from the event helps us travel to our games and helps us pre-register.”

Not only is paintball fun for on-campus students, Rory O’Neil added, “it gives incoming students another reason to attend our school.”

Last week the third battalion freshman, consisting of 190 students, had a tournament on Paine Mountain giving the Paintball club a chance to really test out their knowledge at refereeing and also produce a big chunk of change for the club.

Matt Doyle, a 21 year-old criminal justice major from Lowell, Mass. is the most senior on the team and said “despite the fact we were a little disorganized for the event, when we got things rolling the day went pretty smoothly.”

The most important part of this event that the team included was that students are given the ability to meet new people, broadening their groups of friends and chances to “network” as well.

With the paintball season coming to an end, the club will pack up its gear for the winter with the expectations of another great year starting in the spring.


  1. Well, our university always hosts paintball tournaments and students really enjoy it. Last year I met so many new people while playing paintball!

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