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Phishing makes it hard for students to distinguish ‘reel’ from fake

This screen shot shows a "phishing" email, one of thousands of the spam emails NU receives each day.

This screen shot shows a “phishing” email, one of thousands of the spam emails NU receives each day.

Phishing and spam emails are very common in today’s society and have been increasing while also changing techniques in attempts to become more effective, according to Norwich University’s security and data center engineer. [Read more…]

The President’s Corner: Much to be thankful for

Next week will be Thanksgiving. During the celebration of this holiday, we have an opportunity to reflect on the gifts that we enjoy on a daily basis.

In addition to our health, family, friends and loved ones, as Americans we should be thankful for our many unparalleled freedoms; freedoms that men and women in the different branches of our armed forces have fought to protect over the years.

We live in a country where we are free to practice any religion we choose. We can voice our opinions on any subject we would like including the government, and we have the right to bear arms. Unlike the residents of many countries in the world, we have an opportunity to vote for our political leaders. In addition, we are free to live or travel anywhere in our nation; to work at any job for which we can qualify; to marry and raise a family; to receive free K-12 education in good public schools; and to join political parties, unions, and other legal groups. If you are fortunate enough to study abroad in one of our international programs you will see firsthand that these are not freedoms to be taken for granted.

Americans also enjoy clean water, access to various types of energy, and ample food sources. Most of us are fortunate enough to have roofs over our heads, and a form of transportation to help us get from one place to another.

We also have access to educational opportunities, information and knowledge. You can be thankful for being a college student. At Norwich you are learning skills and values which will enable you to go out into the world after graduation and make a difference – whether in a military or civilian career.

While reflecting on all that you have and how fortunate you are, take a moment to think about the Norwich guiding value of “service to nation and others before self.” This is a good time to consider taking advantage of volunteer opportunities, either in your hometown or in the Vermont community. Volunteer at a food shelf, in a local school, or at a recycling center. Become a mentor for an elementary school child. Visit the residents at a veteran’s home or a nursing home. Do what you can to help others less fortunate than yourself. It is the Norwich thing to do, and we make it easy to do by working through the Center for Civic Engagement.

I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving break. Get some rest, enjoy your family and friends, and come back to campus ready for the final push of the semester.

Skipping classes: Despite rules, a long tradition – and an expensive one

Derek Radtke_Skipping Class 2 (color) .jpgThe Norwich University (NU) attendance policy (it’s located on the Norwich website at states that once the maximum number of absences are met then a “faculty members may assign a grade of ‘F’ to students whose total absences,” exceeds 15 percent of class meetings. But the classes that are skipped most could not be figured out because, according to the Registrar’s office, almost no faculty members report their attendance. [Read more…]

Faculty uniforms: A longstanding tradition

Prof. Sean Prentiss (center) wears the Vermont State Militia uniform as part of his teaching job at NU.

Prof. Sean Prentiss (center) wears the Vermont State Militia uniform as part of his teaching job at NU.

Faculty uniform policies have long been a source of debate among students and faculty members at Norwich University. Despite questions about the need to have full-time faculty members wear a uniform under Norwich’s long-established Vermont State Militia (VSM), the practice will continue, according to the NU director of human resources. [Read more…]

Kreitzberg Library due for renovation

Kreitzberg Library is being target for renovation.

Kreitzberg Library is being target for renovation.


A renovation design for the Kreitzberg Library is being developed that will include the addition of state-of-the-art technology and physical changes that are aimed at creating both a functional and social educational environment. [Read more…]

Honor Committee changes provoke mixed feelings

Major changes were made to the university honor system at the end of the past summer, specifically the merging of the Corps and civilian honor committees. According to key Corps of Cadets leaders, the changes prompted serious opposition and major issues remain to be resolved. [Read more…]

Norwich student gains leadership experience from recent deployment

Chris Pond on deployment.

Chris Pond on deployment.

Many college students enlist in the National Guard because they are not required to deploy. This was not the case, however, for Norwich University student Spc. Chris Pond, who volunteered for deployment.

[Read more…]

Model UN prepares for success

The Model United Nations (Model UN) club at Norwich University (NU) is not only giving students a chance to hone their abilities as mock delegates in competition, but is also hosting on-campus events this year for students and faculty, according to club president Patrick Venetz. [Read more…]

Buddy-up program provides safe environment for Northfield youth

Derek Radtke_Buddy Up 1 (color)Every Friday 40 students from Northfield, Roxbury, and other surrounding areas ranging from fourth to seventh grade come to the Norwich campus to meet 38 Norwich student mentors who do everything from playing games to helping with homework. [Read more…]

Business with Bausch: Student Government Association

This semester has been very exciting for the Norwich University Student Government Association!

Senator Stephen Bartomioli ’14 and Senator Andrew Hunt ’15 introduced NUSGA Senate Bill SB-1301 that establishes four student liaisons to the Norwich University Board of Trustees in regards to the interests of the student body as a whole. One student liaison would serve alongside the current faculty or staff liaison on the Board of Trustees committees of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Facilities, and Technology. This will greatly assist in strengthening communication between the student body and Board of Trustees and allows for our voice to be heard in meetings where decisions are made affecting the future of Norwich for decades to come. We looked at many Universities and Colleges across the nation that have representatives or liaisons on their board of trustees. I want Norwich to be the first military college to have a student delegation of liaisons on the Board of Trustees. [Read more…]