Business with Bausch: Student Government Association

This semester has been very exciting for the Norwich University Student Government Association!

Senator Stephen Bartomioli ’14 and Senator Andrew Hunt ’15 introduced NUSGA Senate Bill SB-1301 that establishes four student liaisons to the Norwich University Board of Trustees in regards to the interests of the student body as a whole. One student liaison would serve alongside the current faculty or staff liaison on the Board of Trustees committees of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Facilities, and Technology. This will greatly assist in strengthening communication between the student body and Board of Trustees and allows for our voice to be heard in meetings where decisions are made affecting the future of Norwich for decades to come. We looked at many Universities and Colleges across the nation that have representatives or liaisons on their board of trustees. I want Norwich to be the first military college to have a student delegation of liaisons on the Board of Trustees.

NUSGA Senate Bill SB-1302 introduced by Senator Matthew McKenzie ’16 and Senator Tyler Noyes ’16 establishes changes to the University Honor System with approval from both lifestyles, and the University Honor Committee. The bill advocates for several very important changes to the University Honor System (Chapter Two) including the University Honor Committee’s right to choose its own advisor at the beginning of each academic year. A special thanks to both Corps and Civilian Honor Committee leadership during the Senate Committee meetings and the Corps Honor Chair, Cadet Daniel Hein, for assisting SGA in the resolution.

The Executive Branch has been working equally as hard on a variety of tasks. Our Secretary of Student and Academic Affairs, Kyle Marks, ‘14 and his staff completed a 100 percent evaluation of the Fitness Center in Plumley. Several pages of deficiencies were presented to the Executive Board and Secretary Marks joined by countless members of SGA gave the fitness center an overall “F” rating. We will run the deficiencies and proposed short-term and long-term solutions through the student body by survey.

The State of the Student Address is planned for Thursday, Dec. 5. There will be a cash bar (with some money put down by SGA) and deserts. Dress to impress and come to talk some Norwich business or business in general!

I recently added a new advisor position within the Executive Branch, “Advisor to Security and Safety.” The goal of creating the position is to have someone committed to bringing forth ideas and solutions to increase our campus safety in a variety of ways to SGA’s and the administration’s attention. I appointed Mario Caruso, a current sophomore, to serve in the position. Mr. Caruso, joined by his Deputy Advisor sophomore Hieu Pham, are currently evaluating Norwich’s active shooter response plan and the “shelter in place policy,” to see where improvements and changes could be made to maximize the overall safety of students, faculty, staff, and the entire Norwich and Northfield Community during an active shooter situation.

As always, please contact us at or stop by our office on the top floor of the Wise Campus Center (Room 233) if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to get involved!

Ending, I would to take a moment to remember those of the Norwich Family who have passed away over the summer and this year, all of whom left an impact on students, faculty, and staff at Norwich. We will never forget the difference you made here and smiles you put on our faces.

Evan McBreairty
Peg Meyer
Michael Zemanek
Sean Putnam

Norwich Strong. Norwich Forever.

George Bausch, NU ‘14
President, NU Student Government Association

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