That’s what she said…

Somewhere along Interstate 285, in Jonesboro, Ga., Norwich left its mark.

In 2012, Norwich cadet Sean Putnam of Peru, Vt. Commissioned into the U.S. Army and graduated from his alma mater.

Less than a year and a half later, he was travelling down Interstate 285 when he came upon a woman whose car had broken down. According to reporters, such as John Grisham for NBC’s “11 Alive,” Putnam had stopped to help change her tire before he was killed in a five-vehicle accident on that interstate.

His death adds to the list of tragic losses NU has endured this year alone.

With the recent deaths of Meyer, Evan McBreairty, Mike Zemaneck, and Putnam, the NU community has had to pull together to honor each individual as well as reflect on their impact upon our school.

One thing I love the most about NU has been how connected we are as a university and how each Norwich community member feels the burden of loss.

I remember sitting in Meyer’s office, sharing chocolate and conversation.

I remember learning about how to cure a heat cramp from Putnam.

I saw the pain of others who knew McBreairty and Zemaneck better than I did.

Once NU, always NU. Norwich Forever.

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