That’s what she said

It is already October on the Hill and even in the midst of a government shutdown, the press is still up and running here at Norwich University. This issue of The Norwich Guidon marks our first of the year and the first as the new staff behind the maroon and gold ink.

From rules and regulations to campus events, we are your primary media source created by students for the Norwich community.

We report and print in an age where most news is read or heard on the internet. Many printing stations across the nation have pressed their last copy of a newspaper. Since the first American newspaper was distributed in the late 1700’s, this media medium has been an important way for people of a certain society, culture, geographical location, or interest.

And yet, we at The Norwich Guidon hold true to the belief that proper journalism contains skill sets paramount to media in any form. More than that, we are holding true to a real Norwich tradition. As a university publication, we strive to unite the different factions of the campus and Norwich community. As students, we too abide by the honor code and use it to bring you factual, real news. As journalists, we bring you the news closest to your interests here at NU.

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