The President’s Corner: Another year, ends; campus changes ahead

It is hard to believe that we are almost finished with the spring semester. This will be the last issue of The Guidon for the year.

I want to wish all of our graduating seniors who are preparing for the next chapter of their lives the best of luck. You have worked hard for the past four years. Now is the time to utilize the skills and knowledge that you have acquired. Whether you are commissioning into the military, heading into the business world, or hoping to continue your schooling, I hope that you will use your Norwich education to reach your highest potential. As you go through life, be true to the Norwich values in all that you do.

For our underclassman, it is time to go home, reconnect with family and friends, and have some down time. Many of you will be seeking summer employment, others may be traveling, and even others taking classes or studying abroad. Whatever you will be doing, enjoy your time away from Norwich so that you can come back in a few short months recharged and ready for the next semester.

When you return in the fall you will see many changes at the university. Our new football stadium and the improved and beautified north entrance of campus will be two of the more noticeable improvements you will see; however, there will be numerous other enhancements to our facilities either in progress or recently completed. The new dormitory construction will be well underway. You will also see a renovated Dodge Hall. This $2.2 million project will begin the day after commencement and be completed in early August. The Dodge Hall project will include modifications to the existing building including repairs to the flooring, remodeling and expansion of the bathrooms, upgrades to the safety systems, new furniture, and finished walls.

You will also notice a variety of other, smaller projects completed over the summer. The most visible will be the repair, rebuilding and re-setting of the main granite stairs at Plumley. All of these renovations – large and small – are being done to enhance the student life experience.

Again, I want to wish the seniors the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. Always remember your Norwich family and the friends that you made during your time on The Hill. I look forward to your return to campus at Homecoming, and hearing about your new ventures.

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