Thats What She Said…

They were some of the first to respond. They were surrounded by blood and inches away from demolished limbs. For hours upon hours they sat at their computers and relived the destruction, the fear, and the strength. They talked with the mothers of three people who were killed. They sat with a dancer that lost her foot and others who will never be able to hug their loved ones with two arms. They are journalists and reality never stops for them.

With the Boston Marathon bombings, photos and articles were posted within minutes. The reporters and photographers that were on the scene had to make snap decisions: drop camera and recorder to help, or capture the horror and power that engulfed the streets. It’s a life of decision making for them, battling the continuous ethical dilemmas they are faced with each day. Without these men and women, we would not have the nation we have today: a nation that comes together in a time when others want to pull us apart.

As a student pursuing a career in journalism, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead this student voice in newspaper form. I have learned the importance of listening and telling the story that needs to be heard. I hope that you in turn have learned the importance of reading.

This year, The Guidon has seen a new masthead designed, spread the word on our honor committees, been a voice for numerous organizations, and shed some light on the individual behind ‘SoundsLikeNorwich.’ This has all been done with the support and encouragement of our audience. Take care of this place. Come together in times when others may try to pull this school apart.

Thanks for reading, Norwich.

– Audrey Seaman, The Guidon Editor

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