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Thats What She Said…

They were some of the first to respond. They were surrounded by blood and inches away from demolished limbs. For hours upon hours they sat at their computers and relived the destruction, the fear, and the strength. They talked with the mothers of three people who were killed. They sat with a dancer that lost her foot and others who will never be able to hug their loved ones with two arms. They are journalists and reality never stops for them. [Read more…]

The President’s Corner: Another year, ends; campus changes ahead

It is hard to believe that we are almost finished with the spring semester. This will be the last issue of The Guidon for the year. [Read more…]

Men’s rugby falls to Rowan College in national playoffs

Unsure about whether or not they would be granted an entry into the national tournament, the Norwich University men’s rugby team was enthused to hear that they would be competing against Rowan College on Saturday April 27 in their first round of nationals. [Read more…]