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Norwich supports Boston

Monday, April 15, 2013 at 2:49 p.m., two bombs went off 13 seconds from each other at the 117th annual Boston Marathon on Patriot’s day. [Read more…]

Philbrook: Then and now

When Sam Philbrook, 21, a criminal justice major from Rochester. Mass., was a senior in high school, he was interested in attending Division I colleges to play baseball. With encouragement from his parents, he decided to also take on the challenge to become a member of the Corps of Cadets at Norwich University. [Read more…]

Montel Williams shares life experiences with NU cadets

“Mountain, get out of my way!” shouted Montel Williams from the back of Plumley Armory. Heads of students and faculty turned to see where this battle cry was coming from after President Richard Schneider’s formal introduction led the celebrity into the room. [Read more…]

NU freshman pens fiction novel

Being a freshman in the Corps of Cadets at Norwich University offers many challenges, exhausting individuals both physically and mentally. Long hours are spent balancing academics and corps responsibilities, finding enough time in the day to make it work. [Read more…]

Student DJ hosts dance club in Plumley Armory

“I am DJ Syntha 6 and I approve this message.” On May 3rd, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., Norwich University’s Plumley Armory will transform into an 18-and-older dance club for the “Summer Presence.” [Read more…]

Honor committee awaits decision from president

In April of last year, the Norwich University community became aware via the Noel Levitz surveys and data gathered by two blue ribbon commissions that the student body’s belief in the honor system had declined and that students felt the systems were neither consistent nor fair. [Read more…]

On campus, same-sex marriages draw support

Remember logging into Facebook on March 26? Maybe the date isn’t memorable, but the image is. March 26 is when millions of individual profile pictures changed from their personal photos to a small red square. [Read more…]

Community runs for Pat

Pat Morales was the ultimate guy. He played baseball, cross country, basketball, and hockey in high school and played club soccer in 2011 when he began his college career at Norwich University. [Read more…]

Led by Belcher, softball team awaits an ECAC bid

Norwich University demands a tremendous amount of leadership out of its students, especially student athletes. A student athlete who exemplifies this is the softball team’s starting shortstop, junior Abby Belcher. [Read more…]

Champagne competes nationally on both the pitch and the ice rink

Since her freshman year, Vanessa Champagne has won three national titles. What is amazing is, she’s only a sophomore. [Read more…]