NU paintball team exemplified the best

To the Editor:

As someone that is not normally moved to action by demonstrations of personal integrity, I find myself in the odd situation where I feel the need to contact Norwich University to see that a particular group of cadets is recognized in a manner befitting their achievement.  The group to which I am referring is the Norwich cadets who attended the “The Paintballing Dead” event at EMR Paintball Park in New Milford, Pa.,  on March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.

To explain: I had the honor of serving as the General for ‘The Survivors” at this event, and it was to my pleasant surprise that a group of 13 cadets were assigned under my command.  The entire group served with the highest levels of distinction, and if it wasn’t for their dedication to the cause, their personal adherence to sportsmanlike conduct, and their exceptional communication and cooperative skills, we would not have been able to secure victory.

Their performance impressed both myself and the opposing General to such a degree, that not only did I award them the “Most Valuable Team” award, but they also won the “Most Formidable Opponent” award as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to list the names of the individuals that participated in this event, and make my most strenuous case for them to be formally recognized in some way for how well they performed.  Their names are as follows: Nick Smart, Evan Denison, Sam Veillette, Tyler Barbarite, Robert Wheeler, Daniel Vala, Scott Roberts, Anthony Gustkey, Dustin Reinauer, Nikki Chrusciel, Cody Billig, Brian Paine, and Matt Doyle.

They represented your organization in an exemplary fashion, and demonstrated Norwich’s guiding values in nearly every aspect of their performance under my command.  Each one of them demonstrated extraordinary levels of honor, integrity, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, service, fitness, perseverance, self-discipline, responsibility, and respect.  I would be honored to command and play alongside these Cadets at any opportunity.

They collectively brought honor and added glory to your school, and deserve to have their achievements recognized, if not applauded.  I can give personal testimony to specific incidents where these Cadets excelled in the above attributes.  Of particular interest should be the command skills of Mr. Nick Smart.  I worked most closely with Mr. Smart during the course of the day, and would like to place my personal stamp of approval upon his performance under fire, and while in various stages of duress.

He maintained clear communications, and was able to manage the other cadets with readily evident levels of professionalism and deference.  If he is not already in consideration for an officer role, or isn’t already enrolled in officer training, please reconsider his application.  He has definite skills in this arena, even if he hasn’t shown them himself, as of this stage in his career at Norwich. Thank you for your time and cooperation in giving this group the recognition it deserves.


Aaron Gurish

Harrisburg, Pa.

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