Music department puts on spring concert

On April 6th, the Norwich University Choraleers, Regimental Band, and NU Pipe and Drum Band, performed a Civil War-themed  concert in the White Chapel.

The concert’s program for the afternoon included musical pieces specifically pertaining to the historical conflict. Others that were performed displayed the different types of people and emotions of those involved  at the time of the Civil War.

“I feel that the concert went really well and I know I was proud of myself and everyone else for doing such a great job,” said Orenda Wooldridge, 22, a senior international studies and Spanish major from Rumney, N.H.

Sarah E. DeBouter, 21, a senior English major from Middlebury, Vt., performed the final song and solo “Someday.”

Col. Edwards, conductor of both the band and choir, giving information about the pieces being performed. (Thomas Carson Photo)

Col. Edwards, conductor of both the band and choir, giving information about the pieces being performed. (Thomas Carson Photo)

“The last four years have been incredibly rewarding being apart of the Norwich music community,” DeBouter said.  “I’ve spent time working with both the concert band and the campus choraleers, and from that experience I can say that Norwich is full of incredibly talented individuals.”

While this performance was one of many for NU performers like DeBouter, this was the first for Wooldridge. “This was the first time I performed with the choir here and I realized that I should have joined sooner.”

The performance had been months in the making, with many practices among people of many different talents.  “We had been working on the pieces we preformed for several months,” said Kaitlin Nelson, 20, a four-year member of the choir and a senior communications major hailing from New Bedford, Mass.

Behind the well-practiced fluidity of the concert, the three groups of musicians had to learn how to harmonize. “It’s always a fun time to practice the songs with everyone,” Wooldridge said about the musical talents of Norwich, specifically of the choir she is a part of.  “We all enjoy singing and we are all talented.”

“Though I think in the end the concert went very well, the band and pipes and drums were fantastic,” Nelson said.  “It was a lot of fun and I think the audience enjoyed it.”

“I’m so glad we can present a concert that can provide music from all ends of the spectrum, including the Pipes and Drums band, of whom the players were fantastic,” she said.

Even for a four-year veteran, DeBouter still says that she felt anxiety before the performance. “I was definitely nervous, especially when I had to sing the final song, but in the end I felt the concert was wonderful and we provided the community with a nice experience and quality music.”

“The hardest part was having to stand still for so long between songs,” Wooldridge said.  Even through the gaps in time during the nearly two hour long concert, she still says that she wished that she “had joined years ago.”

Lt. Col. Todd Edwards, an assistant commandant and conductor of the band and choir, has been the leader in the development of many of the NU musical talents who performed at the concert. “I think Col. Edwards deserves the biggest ‘thank you’ for our success. He has done a great job working with all of us, helping us improve, and to make us be the best we can be,” said DeBouter.

For some seniors, however, this performance marks the end to a long road performing for the NU community.  “Overall, I am so happy with my time spent in the music department, and I look forward to visiting as an alumni to see future musicians and singers perform amazing music for the Norwich Community,” DeBouter said.

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