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It is great to have our students back at Norwich and the campus full of activity again. I hope everyone had a relaxing mid-year vacation and is recharged for the spring semester. This time of year goes by quickly, so study hard and keep current in all of your classes.

The last issue of the Guidon before winter break contained an article which discussed the use of Old Sarge as a Norwich mascot. Old Sarge was never an official mascot for the University. Several years ago Texas A & M requested that we refrain from using the image of Old Sarge, which they had trademarked. A recent inquiry to Texas A & M determined that this was still the case, and we are prohibited from using the likeness of Old Sarge. This prohibition includes use of the image by all camps and organizations associated with Norwich.

In the mid-2000s, a University committee explored the concept of creating an official mascot for Norwich. They were unable to come to an agreement on how the mascot should represent the University. While we are not allowed to use Old Sarge, I think having a mascot that is appropriate to Norwich is a great idea to add fun to sporting events and other campus activities.

I have asked Dave Whaley, Vice President of Development & Alumni Relations, to chair a committee that will reexamine the concept of an official Norwich mascot. This committee will consist of a broad spectrum of the Norwich community comprising representatives from the alumni association, faculty and staff, and students. The alumni association has already identified two representatives; BG Frank Vanecek will appoint the two student representatives.

The goal will be to have the first meeting of the committee in mid-February, review their charge, and to begin work. The group will make a recommendation to me by May 15.

It is important to note that there are parameters I have given to the committee. Our sports teams are the Cadets and the mascot will be some variation of our current athletic logo, which consists of a cadet on a horse with a saber. This will be a challenge, but I am confident that the committee will be able to decide on a mascot which will be unique to Norwich University.


  1. Paul Bartomioli says:

    The Norwich Athletic Logo is perfect. A member of the Cavalry, with period appropriate costume. Perfect for all outdoor sports venues. Indoors, no horse. Just a thought.

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