Feedback wanted on ‘Norwich Monopoly’ idea

I created a version of “Norwich Monopoly” that is based around the NUCC experience, but I am having trouble gauging interest in such an endeavor. I would like to see this idea become a reality, but I would need to sell a certain number of these games in order to break even. However, I am not sure that the Norwich community is sufficiently interested in this. In order to gauge interest, I have options available to me to contact fellow alumni, and would really like some feedback from the current student body. I have set up a Facebook page for this purpose. If you would honestly purchase this game when it exists, please “like” the following link:!/NorwichMonopoly?fref=ts or you can search “Norwich Monopoly.” Thank you.

Brett M. White ‘06


  1. Mick Braun '93 says:

    I think it is a great idea and would definitely purchase one.

  2. Greg Curtis '77, '07 says:

    Probably would be fun. Hopefully the price would make it worth purchasing.

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