Winter months force new ways to work out

Winter has arrived in Vermont forcing outdoor activities to become indoor activities. Outdoor runners will become indoor runners and the utilization of Plumley Armory and Shapiro Field House will be increaased as hundreds of active members of the Norwich University community look to move indoors for their workouts.

Plumley Armory and Shapiro Field House are all-purpose athletic facilities that contain basketball courts, indoor tracks, tennis courts, free weights, men and women locker rooms, a wrestling facility and a swimming pool combined.

Plumley weight room“I jog every day and work out every day and when it gets cold I take refuge in Plumley Armory or Shapiro field house,” said Shaquille Howard, a 20-year-old sophomore criminal justice major from Yonkers, N.Y. “That black ice is no joke and the colder it gets the harder it becomes to sweat,” Howard added.

As the 1,200 acres of green grass that exist across campus become covered in white snow, the community looks for a new place to sweat. The next best location is Plumley Armory, at 248 feet long and 106.75 feet wide, it is a historic building on the campus. The Armory was built in 1928 to accommodate the military athletes of Norwich University and was later named after Norwich’s president, Charles Plumley, in the year 1962.

“The building is old, but very sturdy and I can’t complain about the equipment because the equipment is there when I need it and gets the job done,” said Jeremiah Washington, a 22-year-old junior education major from Foxboro, Mass. “ During the winter, Plumley gets a little overcrowded during the afternoon rush hours,” Washington said. Often times the athletic teams use the facilities while working closely with trainers, Coach Kruger and Coach Jo Lynn, he said.

In order to continue to work out, Washington makes adjustments to his winter routine by doing his heavy lifting in Plumley and all the cardio in Shapiro.

Shapiro houses a multipurpose arena with a 200-meter indoor running track, four tennis courts, a climbing wall and indoor batting cages. This structure, built in 1987 in honor of Jacob Shapiro, NU ’36, is also used for athletic practices, the commencement ceremony, concerts, and other university functions.

“The buildings themselves are amazingly huge and during the winter me and the boys play football in the field house every Sunday at 11 p.m. and basketball games in Plumley during the week if they’re not booked for a school event,” said Stevre Losse, a 22-year-old communications major from Miami, Fla.

“Shapiro Field House and Plumley Armory are open early in the morning around 5 a.m. until 10 p.m. I always see the Navy up early in the morning using indoor track and courts for physical training,” said Nicholas Haffner, a freshmen engineering major from Harrisville, R.I. Although the facilities may be crowded during some hours of the day, Haffner appreciates the conveniently located resources. “The cardio room is next to free weights room, the track is next to courts and we have a pool to swim in after a great workout. The best part is the pool is heated, so it doesn’t matter if it is 30 degrees outside,” he added.

During Plumley’s renovation in 1962, the Goodyear Pool was added, creating a swimming venue that is 25 yards long and 14 yards wide.

“I’ve been at Norwich for four years and as a student athlete, Plumley and Shapiro have been homes to me and a lot of student athletes alike during the winter,” said John Taranto, 22, a senior football linebacker from New Brittan, Conn.

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